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Since 2008, Freya has been on a mission to make fuller-busted women feel supported in sports bras. Fit is everything. Once a range has been approved, Freya can spend up to five months getting the sizing spot on.

Freya Active Sports Bras

Sizes 6-18 & D-K Cup

Research: Fit is everything. Once a range has been approved, Freya can spend up to five months getting the sizing spot on. They fit their bras on real women, rather than mannequins. And it’s only after painstakingly adjusting patterns, measuring, remeasuring and making prototypes across every cup size that their designs are finally ready to go into production.

"We spend so much time and money making sure we have the right footwear for exercise but what so many women seem to forget about is wearing the correct underwear.

Breast motion is hard to control as the breast does not contain strong structural support, there is no muscle, it is purely made up of fatty tissue. The primary supporting structures in the breast are the Cooper's ligaments and if these are damaged this can result in sagging and irreversible stretching of the breast.

Wearing a correctly fitted sports bra whilst exercising can help reduce this damage by minimising bounce. In everyday life it is important to wear a correctly fitted bra and this becomes vital when exercising.

You should consider getting correctly fitted for a sports bra to ensure you are well supported and don’t forget to take into account the type of exercise you are participating in to ensure you select the most appropriate style.

Consider sports bras such as the Freya Active range, which are unique in their design as they shape and lift rather than compressing your bust whilst offering the ultimate in support and comfort." - Dr. Chris Steele.

Activities: Faster, stronger, better. Whatever your sport, you're always working towards the next level. And Freya Active can help you get there. Freya's range of sports bras are suited for lower impact activities such as pilates, cycling and walking, to high impact such a running and tennis.

Brava's Verdict: We love Freya Active sports bras for our D cup and up women! The underwired sports bra goes the extra mile with a wider curvature underwire and double fabric. It offers great support as it encapsulates the bust rather than compressing it. The wide, slightly padded shoulder straps add extra comfort. The result: optimum shape, support and comfort. For most sporting activities.

A soft cup that plays hard, the wirefree range is designed with an inner sling that extends to the shoulder strap and minimises bounce. Meanwhile, the flat bottom band provides good anchorage. It's slightly fuller in the cup than the wired version, but still separates and supports the bust even without a wire. Ideal for most sporting activities.

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