Best D+ cup bras for small back sizes

Growing up, bra shopping was a case of finding the nearest department store, choosing a style that was somewhat attractive, trying it on with little to no help from a sales assistant, and then settling for a size that was the best of a bad bunch.

For many women with a smaller back, usually, this meant opting for the smallest back band available in stock - which was often a size 10-12 (a size deemed the smallest needed by women by big department stores). Nonetheless, many of us carried along in life unaware that there are in fact bras available in the smaller sizes, 6-8.

Your bra size usually mirrors the size of your top, and often even smaller, as our rib cage is naturally not as wide as the rest of our body. So ladies, if the bulk of your tops are reading a size 8 on the label - you are likely a size 6-8 in the back band of a bra!

If you’re reading this and feeling a little overwhelmed realising you may have been wearing the wrong size bra for years, rest assured it’s a very easy fix! We are happy to let you know that a) bras do in fact come in smaller back band sizes, and b) there are countless styles available in a smaller backband that offer incredible support.

We have shortlisted our favourite bras for a smaller back size with the hope it will allow you to broaden your lingerie wardrobe with styles that are comfortable, sexy, uplifting, and that truly fit!

Moulded Styles

We love the Freya Deco Moulded Plunge Bra as it provides an amazing plunge and ultimate cleavage! You could also try the Corin Virginia Moulded Bra if you're after amazing lift and a smooth rounded shape.  

Freya Deco Moulded Plunge Bra

Corin Virginia Moulded Bra 

Soft Cup Styles        

The Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra comes in a range of beautiful colourways and features gorgeous soft stretch lace that adjusts to the shape of your bust. We also love the Ewa Michalak Czarna Mgielka SM Bra for a soft sheer style that offers incredible forward projection.

Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra

Ewa Michalak Czarna Mgielka SM Bra


If you have a feeling you're wearing a bra size that is too big for you in the back band, don't hesitate to pop into a Brava store or head online and have our expert fitters assist you through our online Virtual Fitter. You can also read our Correct Fit Case Studies blog to see examples of a bra that isn't fitting well, but keep in mind that if your bra isn't feeling entirely comfortable then you're likely due for a fitting!