Bra trends: The Longline Bra

A few seasons ago, the longline bra staged a magnificent comeback on the lingerie scene, dipping her pretty toes into the market with only a few styles that flew off the shelves faster than you could say œis it in my size?

The long line bra is now an on-trend fashion style that looks fabulous on most women. We're thrilled that this style has been embraced by large cup lingerie brands in their current and future seasons - with some stunning ranges in stores now in D-H cup sizes, and more on the way soon!

Have you met the Longline Bra?

A classic bra style which first gained popularity in the late 1930s, the longline was favoured for its ability to lift your bust and smooth your waist. Many women chose to wear longline bras right through until the 50s and early 60s, when party dresses and gowns were paired with longline bras created with materials similar to a girdle to create an elegant bust and smooth waist.

In more recent times, women overlooked the longline style and only wore them under formal or bridal wear. But this all changed with the return of vintage and retro-trends, inspired by the likes of Mad Men, with many women embracing the hourglass silhouette and sex appeal of the 50s and 60s woman.

Women are again loving the longline bra, not only for its foundational purpose but also for it's appeal as outerwear. The modern longline is a softer and sweeter version of its ancestors in gorgeous patterns, colours and fabrics. With many celebrities seen wearing a longline bra under a jacket, bolero or sheer shirt it has transformed into an edgy fashion statement. But if flashing your bra isn't your thing, you'll discover many more reasons to love the longline bra.

Every woman should try a longline bra. Here's why:

  • Extra fabric in the bra band distributes support over your rib cage, reducing stress on your shoulders and back.
  • It's often more comfortable for women to wear if they stand for long periods of time (due to the first point!).
  • It offers the benefits of a bra and shapewear in one.
  • Smooth lines are created, eliminating bulges across the midriff.
  • Its support is fabulous for women with larger breasts, since the weight is evenly distributed across a greater amount of your upper body.
  • It improves the look of fitted blouses and high-waist dresses or skirts
There is no such thing as one bra style that suits all women. Despite what you may see or hear on television shopping segments, it just doesn't exist. We're all delightfully different sizes and shapes, and for this reason the longline bra may not be for you. Short-waisted women may find them too long in the torso. However because the height of the bra band differs between styles the best way to find out if the longline bra suits you is to hightail it to a Brava store and try them on.

Here's a sneak-peek at some of the fabulous new longline bra styles headed to Brava soon:
Do you have a favourite longline bra?