Bridal Lingerie - The perfect bra for your perfect day!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white¦ feels so uncomfortable, her underwear is so tight!
OK, we know that's not how it goes - thank goodness - but for some brides the challenge of selecting the right lingerie for their big day can get a little overwhelming. And the wrong advice could lead to a pain in the ˜you-know-what' when you should be having the time of your life. So we've dedicated this post to helping you choose the right support for your special day.

You want everything to run perfectly; the ceremony, reception, flowers, photographer, food, drink, bridesmaids. And of course... you want to look amazing.

Chosen the dress?

You've finally chosen the perfect dress to suit your personality and shape. Now enhance the fabulous dress with great fitting lingerie to create something stunning. The right lingerie will lift your posture, make you look slimmer and empower you to feel really confident and assured. On the day you have been planning for weeks, months (or even years!) having lingerie that fits and supports you is fundamental.

There is no better time to consider what would work best under your wedding dress. A good dressmaker will insist you get the bra before the dress is made and wear it for each fitting. It saves a lot of heartache.

Finding the perfect bra for your wedding dress can sometimes prove to be a challenge - especially if you're blessed with larger than a D cup. If your dress has an open back, or is strapless, your best option may be a strapless bra, bustier or basque. And this is where you need to choose carefully¦ a poor-fitting strapless bra is about as useful as a drunk best man, so your best bet is to get fitted by an expert to ensure you're wearing the right size and style. After all, you don't want to spend your wedding reception fantasising about whipping your bra off!

Anyone who has been expertly fitted for a bra will tell you that the right bra can help you look instantly slimmer. No diets necessary! You may consider a bustier or basque to smooth out lumps and bumps, pull you in at all the right places and create a feeling of romance.

Depending on your style of dress, investing in high quality shapewear can also give a slimming effect on the hips and thighs. Shapewear is very functional but, because it's not sexy, savvy brides change into something feminine and exciting before they leave the celebrations.

Here are some of our top picks for bridal lingerie this Spring/Summer


Moulded bras feature cups that are invisible under close-fitting fabrics. Shaped by a heat-machine process that duplicates the natural breast shape; they provide a stiffer cup shape, which lifts the breast and creates a smooth, slimmer look.


A good strapless bra creates a smooth line and won't show under your dress. The line between the fabric & the breast should be smooth, not bulging. The back strap must be tight enough to feel secure, but not so tight to be uncomfortable.


Basques are designed to support the bust, midriff and waist. They are boned for maximum support to create a flattering silhouette. Basques are fastened at the back with hook and eyes. Some have detachable straps and suspenders.


A bustier is similar to a long line bra, it is shorter than a basque and designed to sit at the waistline with boning to provide uplift and shape. Fastened at the back with hooks and eyes, it has preformed cups and creates a flattering silhouette.


A plunge bra will have a moulded cup and the centre gore will be lower. This tends to push the bust a bit to the middle to provide a cleavage which will suit a gown with a plunging neckline. A seam-free plunge is usually a better option.


A multiway bra is flexible because it can be worn with the straps crossed at the back, or as a halter neck. Generally the fabric is smooth and not lacy (for minimum show-through). Wearing it as a halter provides a little extra cleavage.

As you embark on your journey to find your perfect bridal lingerie, always remember that fit and style should not be compromised just because you wear a larger cup size. On your wedding day, your undergarments should be uplifting, flattering and complementary to your style of dress. With proper fitting it definitely should not need to be adjusted.

Visit a professional bra fitter to get expert advice and assistance. The team at Brava Lingerie have helped many brides-to-be find the right size and perfect style of undergarments; visit one of our stores (located in Prahran and the Melbourne CBD) so we can help you too.

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By Lin Windram.