How do you know if your breasts are normal?

If you've ever wondered if your breasts are normal, you're not alone. A huge percentage of Australian women are not happy with their breasts. Often we compare our breasts to the 'perfect' and perky images we see on TV, glossy magazines, Instagram… no wonder when we look in the mirror, we think our breasts are not normal. Too big, too small, too saggy.

Growing up I can’t even remember seeing other women’s breasts apart from in movies or magazines. And mine certainly didn’t sit up like that! However, my experience is not unique - many young girls grow up having not had exposure to what natural breasts look like, causing them unnecessary stress.

Having been a bra fitter for over a decade now, I've seen thousands of breasts and I can tell you there are no two pairs that are the same.

Did you know?

  • Most of us have one breast bigger than the other.
  • Breasts can range from AAA to KK cup and weigh anywhere between 200 grams to a few kilos.
  • There are around 10 different breast shapes and another 8 different types of nipples.

You don’t need a label, but you do need to know your breasts are most probably normal. If you are concerned about a lump or a change in your breasts these websites can help:

Breasts vary just like the rest of our bodies. The breast galleries on this website illustrate this perfectly. If you are going to compare yourself to anyone, it should be to everyday women with various body types and not the plumped, lifted, manufactured, augmented women we see so often in the media.

The below image from and gives a realistic view of the fact that female breasts come in all shapes and sizes.

Breast Gallery by

I would love to know how you feel after looking at these images and if they change the way you feel about your breasts. Leave a comment below & tell us what you think.