Why does my bra cost so much?

There are a few simple reasons why you might be spending more money on your D+ bras. A hard truth that might come as a bit of a shock to Australian women but is accepted by our European sisters: the primary reason for the higher cost of large cup lingerie is the simple fact that there are more materials involved in producing these sizes, as unfair as it might seem! Also consider the difference in weight of breasts say between an A, B or C cup compared to an H cup for example, D+ bras need more structure. But this isn't the only factor, there is far more at play here when it comes to understanding why busty ladies pay more than their small cupped sisters.

Have you ever considered how much labour goes into an everyday bra? Let's take a look at the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra. This bra alone has more than 40 pieces, uses 3 different types of thread best suited to the fabric, and the straps are hot melted together to prevent skin irritation. Even simple looking T-shirt bras that are made from a single piece of fabric in the cup have been expertly heat-moulded with precision. Many brands are hand sewn and each piece is individually tested for faults to ensure their quality.Someone also had to design the bra that you're wearing - most quality D+ bra styles spend roughly 18 months in development before they are sent into production and make their way to stores, and a lot needs to be considered during this process. Grading for different band and cup sizes needs to be taken into account - there are plenty of styles produced in a D cup as well as a K like the Panache Tango Balconette Bra which has a whopping 98 sizes in its range, compared to its smaller cup counterparts which often only have 16. If the size grading is not done properly, you could end up with a bra that has straps that start in your armpits! Larger lingerie brands will also have more buying power, and are likely to be able to source materials more cheaply as well as minimising production costs by manufacturing their products overseas.

A cheap bra can ultimately cost you more; whether it be your breast health by squeezing into an ill-fitting cheaper alternative, or simply replacing bras more often than you would for a higher quality item. Although you may be spending more upfront now, you will save in the long run and your breasts will thank you!