Why I'm still wearing underwire in lockdown

For the last year or so, all over the world, wire free bra sales have steadily gone up. Way up. The trend actually started pre-Covid, as part of a general move to lighter and softer fabrications, but was taken to a whole other level after we all went into lockdown.  I can totally relate to this impulse; we are mostly stuck at home (hello fellow Victorians and New South Welshpeople!). We all want to be comfortable and feel good – and God knows we could all do with a bit more of that at the moment.

For me though, (absolutely in the minority here) I still LOVE my underwires, and I love wearing a bra.  I don’t know if anyone could talk me out of them!  Don’t get me wrong, I have fully embraced Iso-dressing in every other way, including (but not limited to) living in leggings and walking my dog in my pyjamas(!).  BUT.  I have big boobs.  They can be heavy, and they get in the way.  Having a wired bra on makes me feel like they are tucked up nice and safe – I don’t need to think about it for the rest of the day.  I am lucky enough to work at Brava and my wires fit – they sit in the right place, and never rub or press on my boobs, and my straps don’t dig in. I feel lighter and fresher, particularly as the weather is heating up.  There is just something about wires, in a well-fitted bra, that feels great to me.    

Wired or not, there is also something to be said about the beauty of a well-made bra and how it can make you feel.  Everyone is different, but for me wearing a great fabric, or a colour you love, or something with exquisite embroidery is special.  A bra is such a beautiful little piece of couture, no matter if it is incredibly plain or ornate.  It can make you feel good to wear something that is so well made, having something just for you, too.

I know for so many of us, having big boobs has sometimes meant feeling like comfort and beauty together is an impossibility.  So many women shy away from wires, having had terrible experiences with them in the past.   I come from a big boobed family myself, and (pre-Brava) know all about chafing, pressure marks, and discomfort.  If this is you, please don’t feel like you have to put up with it - a bra can feel good!  You certainly don’t need to be a wire fanatic like me (and we have so many beautiful wire free styles) but you can feel good in a bra while in isolation.  Please reach out if you feel you need some advice, we are all large busted, we’ve been there, and we want to share how good you can feel.

My top three underwire styles on rotation in my wardrobe are:

Panache Ana Plunge Bra in black: a great option for those seeking a supportive plunge option, with stretch lace and supportive power-mesh lining the cups. Suitable for different breast shapes, Ana holds the breasts in place, pulling them in from the sides and creating a rounded look. 

Panache Ana

Panache Envy Balconette Bra in navy: this stunning style has a patterned stretch lace cup, which stretches with the shape of your bust, so the cups never cut in, and can fluctuate with any changes in size throughout the month. This style in particular gives a gorgeous round shape, with narrow wires for great side support which pulls your breasts in from the side.

Panache Envy in Navy

Curvy Kate Victory Balcony Bra in red: an incredibly strong and comfortable everyday bra under the guise of a cute, sexy bra. It perfectly combines strong underwires, robust seam-work (to give great side support) and sexy see-through mesh. 

Curvy Kate Victory in Red

So, while I will totally be cheering on my big-boobed sisters rocking wire free (or even going bra-free!) during this time, I will still be holding on to my dear beloved underwires, feeling lifted and secure, enjoying my little piece of special.

Stay strong all our wonderful Brava customers x

Rachel is the Procurement and Supply Manager at Brava Lingerie, and is passionate about the challenge of hunting down beautiful lingerie in D+ cups from around the world. When she isn't researching bras, she is wrangling her two delightful daughters, engaging in healthy debate with her husband, and accidentally cooking for 12. Also Netflix, a lot of Netflix.