The journey of a Brava Bra Fitter

I started working with Brava in October of 2020, mid-lockdown, as a Dispatch Assistant in our Melbourne Distribution Centre. Looking back, I had no idea the gravity of purpose Brava would come to have for me – I absolutely stumbled into my niche! 

Fast forward 17 months later, I’ve moved from an inventory role to a front-of-house position in our Customer Care Team – supporting our extraordinary customers both in store and online. An intrinsic element of our offering is our Virtual Fitting services, designed to complement our in store consultancy but from the comfort of your own home.

It’s paramount our online team are well-versed in our face-to-face service. After all, our Virtual Fitters, whether helping with a phone fitting, on chat or via ZoomFit  are so good because of the experience and knowledge Brava has fostered through years of in-person fittings.

During my training in store I’ve had so many revelations, and I’d love to share a few things I’ve learnt:

  • Our in store teams aren’t your average fitters – we offer a bespoke service that falls into the realm of styling & consultancy, working with not only the facts and physics of lingerie fitting but also the individual preferences & lifestyles of the women in the fitting room. Bodies and boobs come in all shapes, sizes, fullness, height, width, depth, density. Understanding on paper what brand, style and size will work best for each body is one thing – but the duty of an expert Bra Fitter doesn’t stop here! Your fitter brings their knowledge of our brands, styles, sizing, designs and fabric engineering into the fitting room: all the while consulting with the woman on a unique level to find their ideal bra. 
  • The fitting process involves so much more than a number – which is why Brava stores pride themselves as being a tape measure free zone! Over months of training, Brava Babes develop a supernatural skill of accurately guessing anyone’s size on sight. Your size isn’t the only thing we can deduce, though! Once we see that first bra on you we will know very quickly which styles are going to work best for you; which translates to a relaxed, efficient and stress-free fitting experience.  
  • Wearing your bra correctly is just as important as wearing a correctly fitted bra! It’s really shocked me to see how many women are wearing their bras in positions I can only describe as torturous. If you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra, I can absolutely understand why you’re pulling your underwires down, tightening your straps and fastening your band on the loosest hooks even though the elastic has long gone – but I promise it doesn’t have to be this way! A well-fitting bra will comfortably encapsulate your breast tissue, with the underwires sitting perfectly against your breastbone – not below it. The bras band will hold your frame gently but firmly, and it will sit evenly horizontal all the way around your lovely body. The straps won’t be taking the weight of your bust anymore, allowing them to sit softly on your shoulders. 

In the fitting room, we’ll take you through the best way to put on your bra and adjust it to ensure you get the best support possible. We’ll demonstrate the Brava Shimmy and Swoop & Scoop, both essential in getting your lovely bust to sit exactly where it should.

You walk out of a Brava store with the perfect bra and a new lease on life, hand wash your new purchase (in the shower with you, if you’re like us!), hang it up to dry, and go to bed with dreams of lift, projection, comfort and shape. You wake in the morning and go to pop your bra on – pause! Imagine a Brava Babe above you whispering “Hey gorgeous! Remember the shimmy?” 

Habits are hard to break, so you might resort to your old bra-wearing ways. I promise, you deserve better! Take a minute: shimmy, swoop, and scoop. Your life will change, and you shouldn’t need to adjust again all day!

  • We think you’re beautiful, and there’s nothing better than helping you see that too. I never really realised how emotional and fulfilling this job could be. Whether you share our excitement for bras, or getting fitted is more like a chore for you, getting you into great lingerie that serves the purpose is what we live for. We love problem solving, we love the process, and we love the women. Being in a fitting room helping someone pull their shoulders back, lift their chin and really see themselves for possibly the first time ever is a very beautiful thing. I’ve shed a few happy tears and hugs, and have come to understand each and every fitting is an opportunity for a wonderful connection.

When was your last bra fitting? Visit us in store or book a ZoomFit with an expert Brava Bra Fitter today!