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Plus Size Bra Fitting Guide

Never been offered a pretty bra in your size? Or do you find most bras uncomfortable? Although a plus-sized bra needs to be structured a little differently; fit and fashion should not be enemies. You deserve quality items that are both feminine and well-fitting. Whether you need a strapless bra for a special occasion, or a comfortable everyday bra, we've got you covered.

Fit and fashion for all shapes at Brava...

The right fit should never be compromised, not only for how you look but for your health. Numerous health issues, including back problems, can be avoided by being fitted for your correct size bra and style. Not only this, but the right size bra can work wonders for your appearance – by minimising back fat, lifting your breasts to make them appear perkier and revealing a narrower waistline.

Breasts in a bad bra are capable of completely disguising the waistline you do have.

Many women who see themselves as shapeless, and don't carry themselves with any confidence as a result, have a hidden figure. Get the breasts up where they belong and you'll see the real you. If you like what you see, and feel confident, you'll stand taller, less hunched, and avoid hiding a bust you might choose to celebrate instead.

There are many options that work well for different shapes and varying needs, from plus size pregnancy bras, to sports bras, swim wear and more. For a smooth look that looks great under unforgiving fabrics, a moulded bra can give excellent lift, expose the waist and conceal the fact that one breast is smaller than the other. For breasts that are less firm at the top, stretch lace on the top of the cup is very flattering. Many brands now feature the leotard back which gives comfort to the woman who is aware of back folds and prefers a smooth look.

The perfect plus-size bra will have a wide, supportive band which will help to provide lift. Most women prefer to wear a bra with wider straps, to avoid them digging in to your shoulders and causing pain. Look out for full-figure bras that offer padded straps for extra comfort. However, keep in mind that if you're wearing the correct band size, then this should be what holds up your bust, thereby relieving your shoulders.

Lingerie For Plus Size Women: Beyond Bras and Bottoms

You may have some sensitivity about your mid-sections and thighs, especially if you've had children. But there are many options in sexy lingerie that can hide perceived imperfections and enhance assets. Bustiers do wonders for shaping the waist and pushing up the breasts. Shapewear, although not very sexy, can create an illusion which we all need every now and then for that special dress.

Plus Size Swimwear

At Brava Lingerie, we can't help noticing that most women in changing rooms focus on the parts of their bodies they don't like, which in most cases is invisible to everybody else. Your body image is how you perceive, think and feel about your body. This often has no bearing at all on your actual appearance. It is common in Western nations for women to believe they are larger and fatter than they really are.

If we can learn to accept ourselves as we are, realise that the things we worry about are unimportant to others and that valuable time is passing by while we fret about things we can't change - then we can then focus on what we are blessed with. A lovely smile is a great start - we agree with the unknown author who said, "I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful".

Throughout the summer, Australia's fabulous beaches beckon and women can feel confident and relaxed when their swimwear fits well and is flattering. One-piece swimsuits with a range of cup sizes are designed to enhance the figure and raise confidence. There are some amazing designs that flatter and slim and are incredibly elegant. Tankinis are a fantastic solution to cover the middle bit and have the convenience of a bikini without the exposure. For women who are comfortable in bikinis there's a myriad of beautiful styles and brilliant colours, with some now going up to K Cup.

Thank you for reading our plus size bra fitting guide.

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