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Sports Bra For Big Busts (D-K Cup Sizes)

Why A Sports Bra For Big Busts Is A Must

Your breasts are made up of breast tissue, fat, and tendons. If your breasts are not supported with a good sports bra during exercise they will bounce, stretching these tendons. This stretching is irreversible. For this reason, it is absolutely essential for fuller busted women to wear a properly fitted sports bra.

The Right Sports Bra For Your Bust Size

Finding the right sports bra can be challenging in bigger cup sizes. It’s important to find the most suitable one for your body shape. Some bra manufacturers have endless marketing dollars to convey how effective their sports bras are, but in our experience, just like any other bra, a sports bra can work very differently with different bodies…you be the judge.

Big Bust Sports Bra Styles

We have chosen not to offer a low-impact sports bra simply because if you have a larger bust, you need all the support you can get. Brava offers a great collection of sports bras including compression and encapsulation. Our sports bra collection accommodates sports such as running, horseback riding and team sports.

Encapsulation Sports Bra - This sports bra design is usually a full coverage bra and separates your bust – it does not compress so it’s particularly good for larger breasted women. It's usually more comfortable as each breast is encapsulated inside it's own cup rather than being compressed. Studies have shown that an encapsulation sports bra is more suited to larger-breasted women because they are more comfortable and are better at reducing breast movement.

Compression Sports Bra - This sports bra style keeps breast motion to a minimum by pressing the breasts firmly to the chest. Although an encapsulation sports bra is generally better for reducing discomfort, many women prefer the compression sports bra as it minimizes their projection.

When To Buy A New Sports Bra For Big Busts

If you wear your sports bra 3-4 times per week you will need to replace it within 6-12 months. Your sports bra needs to be washed after each wear as sweat, body heat and body oils break down the elasticity. You need to replace your sports bra when you notice that your breasts start having a wider range of motion or it has a noticeable looser fit.

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