Plus Size Shapewear Style Guide 2020

Discover the best plus-sized shapewear perfect for curvy and fuller-busted women.

Which Plus Size Shapewear Is Right For You?

Modern shapewear can comfortably shape any perceived problem areas; accentuate your waistline, minimise your tummy, lift your rear and seem to make inches disappear. If you haven't worn quality shapewear before, you will discover that some can be comfortably worn everyday and others are best just for a special night.

Can Shapewear Be Comfortable?

Plus Size Shapewear needs to shape your body, but still allow you to breathe! The secret to it's success is a combination between Lycra and other modern fabrics where the knit stretches. Lycra provides the smoothing effect, while the stretch fabric will allow you to breathe. Seek reasonably high Lycra content - 10% or more. If its a shapewear top, 5% Lycra content should be enough.

Our Brava Fitter Tips:

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