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One-Piece Cup Size Swimsuits – Swimsuits Stores Brava

Large bust swimwear with cup support and tummy support – a match made in heaven...

For some women, the decision to wear a one-piece swimsuit is all about the coverage it offers. Whilst this is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your one-piece needs to be frumpy or boring. With a range of styles available, including tummy support, cup support and flattering necklines, you can relax and be the image of self confidence in a sexy one-piece swimsuit.

Underwire swimsuits are designed with added strength and stability for your body and will help to improve your posture. Being properly supported will prevent your breasts from bouncing or spilling out of your swimsuit. The classic one-piece comes in a range of designer fashions and will make you look fabulous at the pool or the beach.

Whether you’re wanting a swimsuit to relax or play sports in, we’ve got you covered, with one-piece suits including up to K cup support.

Fitter’s Comments

The key point to remember when shopping for your perfect swimsuit is to know how to enhance your best assets, and how to downplay the areas you’re not so crazy about. Most women are concerned about how their thighs, bottom and mid-section look in a swimsuit. If this is true for you, consider drawing the eye upward to the bust and neck – look for swimsuits with ruffles, ruching or embellishment near the bust.

When it comes to colour, look for solid shades of colour or bold patterns. For curvaceous women, this is a great trick to manipulate the eye and make it look like certain parts of the body are larger or smaller.

The ever-popular black one-piece will always be a classic and stylish choice. Combine it with a plunging neckline, or some cute detailing around the bust for a swimsuit to always make you feel elegant and confident.