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Maxine & Lin

Our decision to move into the world of lingerie came from a deep rooted frustration of not being able to find a good fitting bra….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, we know you've heard it all before from every lingerie store owner you've read about. What’s different about us?

Well after extensive mystery shopping we are convinced that no matter how many years of experience a bra fitter has, if they don’t refresh their knowledge in bra styles, structure and fabrics, have a wide range as well as an understanding of the changing shapes of women over the years then experience doesn’t count for much. Heard of the saying...”If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. Bra Fitting is not about a tape measure, its about taking a holistic approach to how a bra fits the individual woman and more importantly how the woman actually feels.

We love this industry, it changes rapidly and we need to be ahead of the game. We relish the input from others and look forward to filling the gaps that are missing for many women. Now we can say with confidence that after many years of bra fitting, hearing so many misconceptions and seeing even more badly fitting bras and unhappy women we thought it was time for a forum where women can seek the correct advice.

Brava Lingerie – Prahran

The Brava team has loads of on the floor experience, knowledge, expertise and passion, they are all above D cup and their ages are from a very switched-on 20 year old who lives and breathes lingerie to a 65 year old who would put the style consultants to shame. This very dedicated staff team with very different experiences will be invited as guest bloggers.

Who hasn't read that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? At Brava we estimate that 95% of women who come here for the first time are wearing the wrong size. Although many have been fitted over the years it is obvious that often the store they have been utiilising offered them what was in stock which was not necessarily what the women needed.

Now, the technical stuff is the easy bit, there are 33 bits to some bras, straps are graded wider as the cup gets bigger,  a side sling will aid forward projection and a moulded bra will provide a lift, but all the data is like falling snow if we don't know what the woman is wanting and what actually suits her body shape. Advice given without an understanding of how a woman feels is fruitless and insulting, so we take a holistic approach to bra fitting, it's the Brava way.

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