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How to look after your bra

How not to look after your bra

  • Use harsh detergents as this may bleach or degrade the lace and elastic
  • Wring them out
  • Put them in the dryer

If you do not follow the bra washing instructions on the label the underwire can pop out from its casing. Not only can this make your bra un-wearable, the wires can damage your machine. Hooks and eyes can also get caught in the fabric of your bra.

Bra Washing in the Machine

Most manufacturers recommend that their bras are hand washed only. There is a good reason for this. If the bra care label says to hand wash only then this will be how the bra has been wash-tested. It could be that the wires chosen are not designed to go in the washing machine. Always read the care label first and follow its instructions. We know bra washing is tedious and time consuming but bra washing following the instructions with prolong the life of your bras. However, many sports bras are machine washable.

Bra Washing in Washbags

Many women don’t have time to hand wash, so if you intend to machine wash try to minimize the trauma by fastening your bras. If they are left undone they can get caught in the lace, causing tears, or can be pulled out of shape or the wire can also buckle. Place the bra in a good lingerie bag, set your machine to a delicates cycle on the lowest temperature, and drip dry. Please note that most manufacturers recommend hand wash only so even if you have used a wash bag, this is not considered the same as hand washing and its likely they will refuse to replace it if it gets damaged.

Customer tip: I do my bra washing in the shower and hang them on my rail. By the time I come home from work, they are dry and ready to wear again.

Tumble Drying

Never tumble dry. On a low heat setting, the temperature may still damage any elastane in the fabric. If you dry a moulded bra in the tumble drier, the foam is likely to shrink and create wrinkles.

Life of a bra

Properly looked after by following the bra washing instruction, an everyday bra should last one to two years if rotated with another 3 – 4 bras. Try not to wear the same bra two days in a row – alternate your bras to give the fabric time to recover.

Storage of your bras

Storing your lingerie properly will help it to look good for longer. Moulded bras can be folded in half with one cup inside the other otherwise they are prone to denting. All bras can be folded in the centre and stacked vertically beside each other.

Fitters tip: The more care you take with your bras the longer they will last.

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