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Experts in D cup & up

Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, women who were blessed with breasts larger than a C cup had no option but to wear beige granny bras. Bra shopping during these sad times was a disheartening event for fuller busted women, who were often treated as a bit of a problem in department stores.

Many wonderfully full-busted women were squeezed into the dreaded granny bra, and told to ‘minimise, minimise, minimise’… and for those who did wear minimiser bras, their waist and shape was banished from sight.

Experts in D Cup & Up...

Lin Windram and her daughter Maxine dreamed of being able to buy attractive and supportive bras. A basic desire to wear pretty, feminine bras had eluded them for years because they were seeking bras bigger than D cup. Sick of being forced into minimiser bras and finding no swimwear that supported them, Lin and Maxine created a new story for fuller busted women. After all, women with busts larger than a C cup needed a better deal!

And so, in 2006, Brava was born. Lin and Maxine were dedicated to dramatically improving the shopping experience for women who are D cup and up, and the key ingredients of the Brava recipe were carefully combined to create a new experience:

  • 60 of the best lingerie and swimwear brands for the fuller bust
  • 30 friendly, sensitive and passionate Bra Fitters who love lingerie and working with women
  • 5 relaxed and comfortable store settings

Not just another lingerie shop

It’s helping D cup & up women to like what they see in the mirror that we’re most passionate about. Call us crazy… but we delight in the look of shock on a woman’s face once she has been fitted and she can see her waist for the first time in years! And we love introducing women to sexy lingerie in bigger cup sizes. But perhaps the most satisfying experience is helping women who are considering a breast reduction, and seeing them walk out of Brava having changed their minds.

Read what our customers think on our Testimonials page.

A story by Lin - Faux Pas

While working in the UK for a small home-based public relations firm, the sun was shining and my employers were enjoying the unusual weather in their expansive garden. Tony, my boss, thought I should join them and said, 'Lin, we are having coffee on the lawn... come and join us and stretch your breasts'. Although an author and PR practitioner, he struggled finding the right words when working beside a woman with breasts!

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