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I Know I Don't Look Like I Work Out - Fuller Busts & Sports

I Know I Don't Look Like I Work Out - Fuller Busts & Sports

A phrase we often hear when fitting a woman into a sports bra is ‘I know I don’t look like I work out’. What does fit and healthy look like? It’s saddening that many women do not participate in healthy activity because they are uncomfortable with their bodies and feel exposed with a bigger bust.

In a recent survey, 55% of Brava customers surveyed said their breast size has prevented them from participating in sport*. This is a confronting response when you consider the adverse effects on your health and fitness. The number one thing you learn as a bra fitter is that every woman has a different body. Nobody is the same. The word ‘normal’ has no place when discussing our bodies (we wrote more about this here).

Getting off the sidelines

For most women, fear of judgement is the biggest barrier to physical activity, it’s common to feel exposed and judged. Whether you’re practising yoga or sweating it out on the treadmill, your level of confidence greatly effects how hard and how often you exercise. We’re always seeing airbrushed, stylised images of fitspiration models and feel like we should look the same. Being active isn’t about looking a certain way – it can simply be caring about your health by moving everyday and eating healthy. If you catch yourself thinking unkind thoughts about your body, stop. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself. It’s time to recognise your strength and curves and play to your assets.

Your body is strong and resilient

This Girl Can is a Vic Health campaign celebrating women of all backgrounds, abilities, ages and shapes embracing physical activity. It’s all about getting movement in your day and empowering women to be comfortable in their bodies and in public spaces. Women should be able to be active whenever, wherever and however they choose, without being judged for how they look. Whether you’re going for a leisurely stroll along the coast, heading to the gym or playing sport with friends, Brava’s goal is to give you the support you need to reach your fitness goals comfortably and confidently.

The best training buddy you’ll ever have

64% of Brava customers feel that their breast size negatively impacts their self-esteem*. A good place to start feeling better and seeing your body differently is by getting a well-fitted and supportive sports bra. After all, a quality sports bra is the best training buddy you’ll ever have. Bounce is uncomfortable, rubbing is painful, wires digging into bits they shouldn’t be is downright wrong. Just like us, sports bras come in various shapes and sizes. The type of bra you wear also depends on the intensity of your activities. That’s why we recommend going into a Brava store for a sports bra fitting.

A good sports bra will minimise bounce, however it won’t completely stop the bounce. To do this, your sports bra would need to be so tight it completely compresses your bust against your chest wall (which would result in restricted breathing). You should feel comfortable and supported in your sports bra. If you are a D cup or above and participate in high impact activities, then you will benefit from wearing a high quality, well-structured sports bra. This will in turn make you feel more confident while exercising, alleviating any extra strain from having a bigger bust. When shopping for a sports bra we recommend you try on a selection of various styles and do the bounce test. If you’re in our Melbourne City or Hampton stores, you can run on our in-store treadmill for a real bounce test.

Some of our favourite sports bras for large cup sizes:

Elomi Energise Multiway Sports Bra | Sizes 10-22, D-K cup

Panache Underwire Sports Bra | Sizes 6-18, D-J cup

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Bra | Sizes 8-18, D-H cup

Do it for yourself

We love the overall message of This Girl Can. At Brava, we’re all passionate about contributing to a society where seeing active, empowered women is the norm and is celebrated. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a regular, how red and sweaty your face gets, or even if you know all the rules; all that matters is you’re giving it a go. Whether you’re out there for the love of the game, for a little me-time, or for the friendships, we’ll be here cheering you on.


*Survey conducted online & in-store during November-December 2017 including responses from Brava Lingerie 1000 customers who wear D-K cup sizes.

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