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Your excuses are no longer valid

Your excuses are no longer valid
This blog post has been guest-written by Alison Vella from Student Musings.
Heading into 2017, there is a whole area of sports medicine dedicated to supporting big breasts.

There are scientists examining our grievances from a biomechanical perspective. They are researching, designing, prototyping and testing and it is their innovation that has allowed us to vault off springboards, skip over ropes and sprint to finish lines confident in the vehicle of our own flesh.

Here's how they're doing it:
They have reduced bounce
There is a serious risk of knocking yourself out doing mountain climbers if your boobs aren't properly restrained. Going too hard could literally mean going home. Possibly in an ambulance. Probably concussed. Modern sports bras use encapsulation and compression to avoid such catastrophes. They lift and separate the breast while securing them close to your chest to lessen their vault by up to 83%.
They know straps falling down are insufferable
Wide, padded and non-slip straps with advanced technology hold the boulders up and keep them there while you exercise. The straps are firm so you don't have to persistently lift them up but their padded textile means you aren't stamped with red lines either.
They got the blaze under control
Running makes boobs rub together. Baywatch has made millions off that iconic swish but something tells me the friction going on under that swimsuit was nasty AF. You'd generate enough heat to start a fire so thank goodness for mesh panels. They provide cool comfort for flaming tatas.
They realised that boob sweat is real
Mate, it's not just hot in there, it's sweaty too. You could just about wring the water out of your breasts after a hard-core pump class. Odour management and antibacterial fabrics wick away the moisture from your skin helping you feel fresh while you exercise and making you less conscious of the stench you're likely to reek.
They know your sports bra shouldn't interfere with your outfit styling
The monoboob was not the look you were going for. Neither was the Katy Perry cone bra. Gone are days of ghastly granny bras and in are those of great shape. Moulded foam designs and crop top stylings reduce bulk, helping you stay on trend. They have racer back and leotard options so the straps co-operate with your daily active wear garb and halleluiah, they're not all beige either!
They understand that those funbags need some serious support
Companies such as Freya and Panache realise that lugging an extra five or six kilos on the front of your body puts extreme strain on the posterior chain. Their clinical studies are helping them counteract the effect with each breast individually encapsulated, double fabric used and a graded hook system employed to provide firm support for high impact activity.

This means your excuses are no longer valid. It means you can get out there and start 2017 in a sports bra that gets you to gym, that pushes you to run laps of the oval and that helps you get fit in the New Year; one that makes you the best, most confident version of yourself.
My personal favourites:







But every boob is different so head in store and find one that works for you!

At Brava, an expert in busty athletic pursuits will prepare you for combat. She will listen to your endless list of considerations and constraints. She will introduce herself and address you by your name.

She will put you in a dimly lit room because she understands how daunting it is to look at yourself 30cm away from a mirror and she will tell you about each bra intimately because she has tried it herself.

This woman is part of a company that ditches the measuring tape for a treadmill so you can assess the support first hand; one that has seen the transformative power of the bra in action and wants you feel it too.

It's a company that isn't just about supporting your breasts; it's one that supports your self-esteem too.

Remember, working out is a battle and your bra is your armour. Choose it wisely.


Alison Vella - a girl's girl, a travel enthusiast, a sport fanatic and a cafe connoisseur. She lives by the moto œbe brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience and freelance blogs to support her studies in media and communications.


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