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To the fuller-busted women of the world...

To the fuller-busted women of the world...

œI spent a lot of years in bras that just didn't fit me, or were uncomfortable.

œI started having back problems and getting the right bra became really, really important.

 œEvery single bra was beige.

To the fuller-busted women of the world,

You are not alone; there are solutions and you can feel beautiful! Brava and Prima Donna co-produced this video project with the hopes of reaching D cup & up women everywhere who are still wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable, beige bras. This project is for the women who cringe at the idea of bra shopping, who have heard one too many times œIt's the only one that will fit you dear, and the ones who could never find pretty or sexy bras in their size.

We all know how integral self-esteem is to your happiness and confidence. When you wear poorly-fitted bras, you don't look your best; your clothes sit badly and your posture is affected. Confident is not how you feel.  But we don't need to tell you that.

We've done the analysis, and 49 out of 50 women are wearing the wrong size bra when they visit Brava for the first time. We're passionate about changing that! A correctly fitted bra is like a natural makeover, it feels right, looks beautiful and lifts your self-confidence.  We are all different, no two women are the same, and we all have areas of our bodies we would like to change.

Our bodies continually change. When teenage girls want to drop out of sports because their growing bust moves too much, it's life changing when they discover that sports bras are available to help them discover confidence and meet the challenges head on. A new mum can embrace her  body,  choose lingerie that works with her changing shape and adapt to the amazing and challenging role of motherhood. There are now fabulous options for mature women to feel feminine and beautiful in lingerie post-menopause.

It's our mission to educate women about finding the right bra. We have a fabulous team of fitters who won't judge; they will listen and use their passion and product knowledge to introduce women to the perfect fit.

Thank you to our courageous and fun Brava customers - Lisa, Madeline, Kerry, Ashleigh & Louise - for taking part in our project. We had a ball!

What do you think of the video? We'd love to hear your comments below.


Lin Windram - bra boss, Mother to Maxine and Dean. I left the corporate world to work with Maxine on Brava. We mystery shopped across Melbourne and obsessively researched the industry. With no lingerie experience, we were the experts on not being listened to and wearing poor-fitting bras... how could we fail? We certainly succeeded in employing wonderful women who are passionate about helping others (and most often they are lingerie nerds too - bonus!). When not working on Brava, I love to be outside. I run a bit and this year conquered Kokoda - Yes!

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