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Active Women

  • The 5 Best D+ Cup Sports Bras for Running
    If you’re looking to get active to beat the winter blues, jump into a fun run or marathon, get fit for summer or just want to increase your health and fitness, here are our pick of the 5 best sports bras for runners that you should be looking at to support you through.
  • Curvy Sports Bra Review by Evie Curve

    Curvy Sports Bra Review by Evie Curve

    by  in Active Women on Jan 04, 2019
    Well it’s that time of year when you up the anti in the working out department. If you are like me I have that eeeek moment of oh my goodness summer is actually here and I should have doubled my workouts a few months ago. Anyway, better late than never. Firstly, I must confess - I’ve been wearing my regular bra to my Pilates workouts up until now and yes, I know that’s a big...
  • Avoiding Breast Pain During Sport

    Avoiding Breast Pain During Sport

    by  in Active Women on Aug 13, 2018
    Breast pain during sports is a common occurrence, especially for D+ cup women. In a recent survey of our customers, a staggering 55% said their breast size has prevented them from participating in sport at some point during their lives.
  • Running shoes and bra fittings

    Running shoes and bra fittings

    by  in Active Women on Aug 08, 2018
    Over half of women in Australia who take part in sport are at risk of losing natural elasticity because they don’t wear a sports bra. Yes, you read that right - over half of the women in Australia!
  • I Know I Don't Look Like I Work Out - Fuller Busts & Sports
    A phrase we often hear when fitting a woman into a sports bra is ‘I know I don’t look like I work out’. What does fit and healthy look like? It’s saddening that many women do not participate in healthy activity because they are uncomfortable with their bodies and feel exposed with a bigger bust.
  • Is it time to break up with your sports bra?
    You may have had some good times together, and it's supported you when you really needed it. Although it can be tempting to hold on to your favourite bras, especially the old-faithfuls which are oh-so-comfortable and easy to wear, you need to break up with your sports bra when it doesn't support you as well as it used to.
  • The Best Sports Bras for D Cup and Up
    In the sportswear world, quality running shoes often get all the attention but a well-fitted sports bra is the unsung hero. A good sports bra can reduce breast bounce by up to 80%, but more importantly it can help you to reach your fitness goals in comfort and with confidence.
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