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Enell Sports Bra



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The ENELL Sports bra was featured on Oprah as her favourite sports bra. ENELL's unique patented construction gives women of all shapes and sizes the support they need whilst exercising. ENELL is dedicated to providing well-endowed women with the opportunity to fully participate in an active lifestyle by offering state of the art, high quality performance apparel. Read our review of the Enell sports bra on The Bra Fitter blog.

More details

  • Wide non-stretch straps distribute weight to reduce shoulder fatigue
  • Wide elastic band and motion control neckline eliminate up and down movement
  • Fastens simply and securely with hook and eye closures
  • The full back with cross-strap design provides posture enhancing back support
  • Fabric wicks away moisture to keep you cool during the most intense workouts
  • Refer to the size chart image to see what your bra size converts to in the ENELL size system
So many women swear by the Enell Sports Bra, and for good reason! This is a really great compression style sports bra, providing great support through the front and across the back. The sizing of the Enell is unusual as it is not based on cup sizes and there are no adjustable straps so you may need to try more than one size to get the best fit. To put on your Enell correctly make sure that you fasten the hooks from the bottom to the top lifting the bust into the bra as you go. It may seem very snug at first but a firm fit is essential for support and comfort. If ordering online and not sure of what size to go with I would recommend either giving us a call or sending an email with your bra size etc to get some advice.



Great support

The bra was great intitially. Perfect for running if you do not want to wear tw running bras. the material is great. After a few runs though it began to stretch a little and chaffing became an issue around the front hooks.

At first I thought it was the answer to all my running problems!

10 Aug. 2016

Age: 34
Bra Size: 14D

Enell Sports Bra is great

Before you buy, especially if just online, then the following You tube maybe helpful, as the sizing of this bra is unlike anything else.
You can also look up Amazon to see others comments from other purchasers on the Enell bra.
I'm approx an 18F, and found that the size 4 is OK for me, maybe slightly snug, but the Enell sizing is quite forgiving. Things are held very firmly, and I look and feel skinnier as a bonus I didn't expect.
Love it.

18 May 2016

Age: 52
Bra Size: Maybe 18 F / Enell Size 4

Best horse riding bra ever! No bounce!

This is the best sports bra I have ever found. Horse riding is very high impact and every other bra I tried (even wearing two sports bras at the same time!) still had heaps of painful and embarrassing bouncing. Not so with the Enell. It is a bit of a struggle to get it on because it needs to be tight, so there is a bit of pushing and squeezing to get into it, but once on it almost completely stops the bounce (at a size 18G, you are never going to completely eliminate bounce). It is very comfortable to wear. It is a bit high in the front, so if you don't want your bra showing you need to wear shirts with a slightly higher neckline (it would show above a normal t-shirt neckline). It is not going to give you an attractive shape (more of a uniboob) but I am not wearing it as a fashion statement, and if I am riding or exercising, I am not worried about my appearance, just about my performance and comfort. And to be honest, sometimes I look at my "streamlined" uniboob and under a shirt, it actually looks kind of like a minimiser bra, so not totally awful!
I am 100% happy with this bra, and it is now the only sports bra I will wear.

01 Jan. 2016

Age: 42
Bra Size: 18G

Comfort plus!

The Enell sports bra has received many positive comments from larger busted women seeking support during high impact activities. Given the unusual style of this bra, it did take a little getting used to, but now I absolutely LOVE IT. The type of fabric means that it doesn't loosen when moist with sweat, and it provides a excellent support around the entire chest area. This bra is unbelievably comfortable and I'd highly recommend it.

29 Sept. 2015

Age: 40
Bra Size: E (Size one in Enell)

No bouncing

Amazingly comfortable, with no bounce at all. I'd never been able to run comfortably before I found this bra.

26 July 2015

Age: 41
Bra Size: 12G

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