The Brava Way

The Brava Way

We make bra fittings more comfortable


No tape measures, we promise!

At Brava we take a holistic approach to bra fitting (because you are more than just a measurement). We understand that fuller-busted women may have had frustrating or humiliating experiences in changing rooms in the past, and our goal is to completely redesign the bra shopping experience.

For starters, we tailor each fitting to your comfort level. There’s a good chance that our experienced fitters will know your size before they even fit you! We will never barge in on you. We will always ask to enter the change room—for example, to adjust bra straps or to check the way the bra is fitting.

We promise to always listen to you. Our goal is to find you exactly what you desire in a bra (you know: gentle, supportive and good-looking) and to make sure that it’s comfortable and a perfect fit.

We won’t sell you a bra that you’re not sure about, or that doesn’t suit you. That would defeat our entire purpose. You can expect us to give you honest advice on what styles do and don’t work for you. You can expect us to always put your best interests before sales.

Our fitters are passionate about making you feel fabulous and uplifted, which is so important when you are D cup and above. We recognise that bras and bodies change over the years, resulting in fluctuating bra sizes. We’ll help you find what you need at every stage and season of your life. Although we avoid fads and fast fashion, it is essential to keep in harmony with current trends. We fit based on expert knowledge and how the fit feels to you: the customer!

Our huge range of lingerie in sizes 6–22 a D–K cups gives you an abundance of choice in sexy, everyday and special occasion styles.

6 Reasons Women Dread Bra Fittings

  • You're tired of the same old boring bras available for D cups and above
  • You’re unsure of what to expect
  • You lack body confidence
  • You’ve experienced insensitive bra fitters in the past
  • You've never found a bra that feels just right
  • You've been left half-naked in a changing room with no one there to help

We will not...

  • Put sales before taking care of you
  • Sell bras unless they are right for you
  • Squeeze you into the wrong size because it's 'close enough'
  • Ignore your needs

We will...

  • Help you feel more confident about your shape by fitting you with supportive, feminine bras that fit
  • Cater to your lingerie needs better than any other store
  • Provide a relaxed, fun and satisfying shopping experience

We welcome you into our Brava Lingerie stores. We’ll cheerfully provide online bra fitting advice and consultations, but nothing compares to being able to select your favourite brands instore and making sure they’re professionally fitted. Our aim is for you to walk out of Brava with a smile. But don't take our word for it. Read what other Brava customers have to say here.

We have gift vouchers available for purchase in-store and online.