Who We Support

We care immensely about supporting the wider community and are dedicated to making a positive contribution towards a range of charities. We proudly support the following organisations and their incredible causes.

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading national body funding world-class, game-changing breast cancer research. 9 Australians lose their life every day to breast cancer. Our mission is to improve the quality of women’s lives. Spending most of the day talking about breasts and breast health, supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation just made sense.

Brava is proud to support Ausghan Aid, an organisation based in Melbourne providing health and education in Afghanistan, founded in 2008 by Najaf Mazari and a group of Australian friends. Najaf arrived in Australia by boat in 2001 after being captured by the Taliban and spent four months at the Woomera detention centre. He then moved to Melbourne and established his rug business in High Street, Prahran, just doors down the road from Brava’s first store. Najaf’s contribution to charity activities led to him being nominated for Australian of the Year in 2014.

Sadly, many people involved in carrying out AusGhan’s work on the ground have had to flee or are in hiding. With the situation developing in Afghanistan, AusGhan Aid is now also working to support those displaced, as well as continuing to provide health and education assistance, particularly the education of girls and young women. Our co-founder Lin serves on the board and is an active member of the organisation.

You can read Najaf's story in his amazing biography, The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif. 30% of proceeds are donated to support AusGhan Aid’s great work when purchased through the publisher here.

You can also make a tax-deductible donation to AusGhan Aid here to help support their efforts via their website: https://ausghanaid.org.au


World Vision is dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. By providing short and long term aid to vulnerable communities across the world, they tackle the root causes of poverty. 

Brava has supported World Vision since 2006, by contributing to various fundraising activities and actively sponsoring a child. Currently, we are sponsoring a 2-year-old boy, Serge, from Mubuga, Rwanda.


Fitted For Work equips disadvantaged women with the necessary skills, confidence and empowerment to seek meaningful, long term employment. By building confidence, self-esteem, skills, and knowledge, they encourage women to obtain work through a range of pre-and post-employment programs and services that are delivered nationally. Fitted For Work is committed to using their abundance of knowledge and experience to inform and change government policy. They strive to inform perceptions around how women come to be faced with adverse conditions and the impact it has on them, their family and the wider community. Brava provides a range of bras and sports bras to Fitted For Work to show our support to their incredible cause.


Support The Girls aims to empower women with dignity and respect one bra at a time. Support The Girls recognises that homeless and disadvantaged women from all cultures across Australia are in need of bras and personal hygiene products. With a primary focus on providing bras, they fit women face to face, and actively listen to these women to discover their individual needs and to ensure they are connected to relevant, necessary services.

Brava staff volunteer to provide bra fitting assistance at Bra Gifting Days run by Support The Girls in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. We also provide a range of bras and sports bras to Support The Girls in order to help them provide disadvantaged women in Australia with access to bras. 

St Kilda Gatehouse provides spaces of belonging and safety for women involved in street based sex work in St Kilda, and with young women and girls affected by sexual exploitation. Many of those women are tackling complex issues such as addiction, homelessness, mental illness, poverty, domestic violence, abuse and social isolation. St Kilda Gatehouse creates spaces of belonging and connection, providing opportunities for individuals to experience social inclusion with respect and unconditional acceptance.

Brava is delighted to support this important foundation by donating everyday bras, sports bras and briefs to women in need. 

The Sports Bra Project increases access to sports for women and girls by removing barriers to participation. They provide sports bras to athletes who don’t have access to such a basic piece of equipment. Through a growing network of donors and recipient organizations around the world, The Sports Bra Project is making a difference in the lives of girls and women eager to join a sport. 

Brava is donating a range of sports bras to encourage all women and girls to participate in sports and activity they love. 

Established in 1969, the Caroline Chisholm Society is an accredited and registered community service, providing a broad range of supports with a focus in the specialized area of working with women and their families to promote and enhance early childhood and parenting outcomes.

They work with women to keep families together and prevent the involvement of child protection services in the lives of women and their children. In achieving this, the organization is clearly focused on supporting women with their pregnancy and early parenting to create safe and nurturing environments for infants and young children.

Brava is donating a range of maternity bras to support women in need. 

If you would like more information about our Community Support program, please contact us by email.