We love our planet and all its inhabitants, which is why we are taking steps to prove that we care. We’re by no means perfect, but we believe fervently that real change comes from many people making an imperfect effort.


At Brava, we want to uplift women, give back to our community and reduce landfill which we think are all important goals in our quest to be sustainable and a community-focussed company.


What we're doing now:

  • HEROPACK shipping mailers for shipping all online orders. In addition to being eco-friendly, these mailers have two sets of adhesive strips so that they can be re-used. (Handy!)
  • We also wrap all of our orders in recyclable tissue paper.
  • Additional earth-loving changes we’ve made include switching our ribbon used to gift wrap all orders to one that is environmentally friendly.
  • In October 2020, we switched to buying hand sanitiser, multipurpose cleaner, hand soap and dishwashing liquid in bulk to cut down on single-use plastics. We set up a Recycle-Refill-Reuse station at our warehouse to refill our stores’ dispensers from the bulk supply.
  • Sorted recycling bins take pride of place in our head office, and staff are encouraged to use reusable coffee cups or mugs when making a coffee run.
  • A compost bin and system is installed at our head office to make the most of leftover lunch scraps.
  • We’ve also requested that our suppliers package our orders without any poly bags; many are now using compostable options or have actively reduced the amount of plastic.
  • We are committed to supplying bras, lingerie, and swimwear of the highest quality, and avoiding fast fashion. We invest in products that will stand the test of time and educate on how to get the most out of them to keep you feeling supported no matter what life throws at you (kids, spaghetti, traffic). You can shop our sustainable edit here.
  • Supporting sustainable and ethically minded brands like Marvell Lane, Underwear for Humanity, and Tani Clothing.

What we’re working on:

  • Our goal: every bit of wrapping and packaging for online orders will be recyclable or compostable!
  • Bras: we support charities such as Support the Girls and Fitted for Work with bras to women in need. 
  • Sustainable brands: some of our regular brands are making sustainable product lines. We will continue to purchase these lines when available to let our suppliers know that the demand is there for sustainable products.
  • Reworking our logistics to minimise energy consumption and reduce packaging used.

If you want to know more about our sustainability efforts or if there's something that you think that we should be doing to help do our bit, don't hesitate to drop us a line at, or shop our sustainable edit here.