Brava Lingerie: The Experts in D Cup & Up

The Women Behind the Bras

Lin Windram and her daughter Maxine shared a dream of being able to walk into a store to buy supportive bras that looked good too. The mother–daughter duo, both blessed with a fuller bust and a basic desire to wear pretty, feminine bras, sought to provide a solution where once there was none. They decided to create a fairy-tale ending by opening their very own store, Brava Lingerie, casting ill-fitting minimisers and lousy customer care to a kingdom far, far away. After all, fuller-busted women deserve a better deal!

Once upon a time in a not-so-far-away land...

Women blessed with breasts larger than a C cup had few options beyond boring beige bras. Bra shopping was disheartening for these full-busted women, who were often treated as a bit of a problem. In that cruel era of full-busted neglect, many D cup and up women were shoved into bras with back sizes much too big, or else squeezed into the dreaded granny bras, while the dressing-room attendants preached, ‘Minimise, minimise, minimise!’ and banished all curves from sight.

Not Just Another Lingerie Shop

Call us crazy, but we get our kicks from seeing a customer’s face light up after being correctly fitted for the first time ever! The fullest of breasts can be supported by the right bra, in just the right size and shape for your silhouette. (Hello, waistline! Nice to finally meet you.)

Our goal is to make bra shopping less frustrating and deliver more feel-good vibes. We believe that lingerie that fits (and doesn’t dig, cut, bite or name-call) has the power to make us feel confident and accepting of our bodies, which already do so much for us with so little thanks. We aim to help you like what you see in the mirror.

We care about real women

At Brava we hate tape measurers as much as we dislike having impossible beauty standards imposed upon us. (Whose idea of beauty are they selling anyway? And why?) We are working hard to replace stock photography with images of real women because that’s what you’ve asked for. At Brava Lingerie we listen to you because we actually do care. And we’re so glad you’re here.