Are you our next Brava Ambassador?

Put your Passion for Lingerie on show...

Work with us to achieve our goal to truly celebrate all women with Brava's Ambassador Program.

Who are you?

Are you D cup and up and a lover of lingerie? We're a perfect match!

Don't worry about how many followers you have! All you need is a phone, a dash of confidence, and a splash of creativity. Selfies, product reviews, mirror shots, TikTok videos, Reels, blogs - you name it, you can do it!

We are looking for women (or those who identify as women) who love our product and support our heartfelt mission.

Reap the rewards!

We are all about supporting women. Here's why you should collaborate with us:

  • Free product! Surely you're hooked now?
  • Exposure! Get featured on our social media & website
  • Gift cards & online vouchers
  • Feel proud! There's nothing more liberating than posing in lingerie and showing off your fabulous self. You will help us represent and normalise all women regardless of their age, size or colour

How to apply for the Brava Ambassador Program

Email us at and tell us why you'd like to become a Brava ambassador. Include your name, bra size, dress size, and a photo of your wonderful self and where you live! (Make sure you add your Instagram, TikTok and YouTube handle if applicable)

More about our Mission

The fashion industry has overwhelmed us all with images of the so-called ideal body (usually a skinny, twenty-something white woman). For the rest of us, it’s hard to identify. For some of us, these impossible beauty standards have triggered feelings of shame or loathing around our bodies. Our aim is to change that one image at a time.

At Brava, we are actively investing in creating and promoting images that reflect the diversity of the real world. Bodies come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and women should not be invisible after a certain age or a certain weight or for any other discriminatory reason. It’s a work-in-progress and we don’t always get it right - but we’re determined to do better.

Photoshoots are being planned featuring actual Brava customers to replace many of the stock images on our website. If you feel you are not usually represented in advertising and believe this should change we are delighted to invite you to apply to model for us.

Get a feel for our vibe...

Check out our Instagram feed @bravalingerie for more inspiration.