Most Comfortable Bra. The winner is...

It's the holy grail of bra shopping for most women: the search for the bra that offers comfort and support, whilst also looking beautiful. And it does exist! In fact, we can suggest many lingerie brands designed for the fuller-bust that are so comfy you forget you're wearing them. But in recent years, there is one brand that really stands out for both our bra fitters and customers... and that is Prima Donna. Prima Donna has been a favourite at Brava ever since we first fitted it five years ago. We knew we were onto a winner with Prima Donna when our customers repeatedly said ˜OMG this is so comfortable'. We delved a little deeper and found out that the most comfortable bra in the world didn't happen by chance. Prima Donna has been around since 1865 so they know a little bit about making lingerie!

What makes Prima Donna the most comfortable bra?
  • High quality European fabrics are used, including French embroidery on Swiss Tulle and French lace.
  • Unique wires are designed specifically for Prima Donna. The wire casing has 4 layers, including a level of soft foam for ultimate comfort.
  • The back panels are made from high return Belgian elastic knit, resulting in strong hold and comfort.
  • Shoulder straps are very soft with low stretch.
  • Many styles also have more centrally placed straps to prevent strap slippage.
  • Reinforced support panels make Prima Donna bras stand out for comfort.
  • Prima Donna prides themselves on bra innovation with features such as curved back panels.
  • Every component is Okotex tested (allergy tested)
  • In a Prima Donna bra there are 45 components, using 40 different processes.
And the process¦
  • The design process to make one Prima Donna bra is 18 months.
  • Extensive testing of all materials provides quality long lasting pieces; Prima Donna boasts that their back panels do not stretch over time as much as many other brands.
  • Their fit testing is obvious to an experienced bra fitter - we can tell Prima Donna test the fit on women of different sizes and shapes. This is crucial to ensure good fit, support and comfort.
  • Interestingly, most of their bra components are unique and exclusive to Prima Donna. We have tested many lingerie brands and many use the same generic outdated patterns from China.

Our final say

Many women who have sworn off wearing underwired bras have been tempted back by Prima Donna due to their rubber encased wires, and the softness of the high quality fabrics against the skin. As fitters, we also love the stretch lace at the top of the cup which sits smooth against your bust and can accommodate monthly size fluctuations or asymmetry. The lower panel moves the bust upwards while the side support panel gives a forward push, helping to create a narrow silhouette (which is extremely flattering under your clothing). With most of their styles, the seams are smooth, flat and barely detectable under clothing. Although the features differ between Prima Donna styles, comfort is consistent. And if all of this isn't enough, we also love the beautiful designs and the expansion of cup sizes (now to an Australian HH cup). All of these details combined is why Brava fitters and our customers vote Prima Donna as the most comfortable bra.

Does the price match the quality?

It's hard for some of us to be comfortable with spending $150 on one bra. Sometimes we can buy two bras at this price, right? We have many revisits from our Prima Donna customers and they all say the same: Prima Donna bras last longer and feel better, they are great value for money. Prima Donna seems to appeal to all ages and all shapes. But don't just take our word for it, here is what our customers say¦

"Best bras I have ever worn." Lorrainne. M

"Great fitting bra that is very comfortable to wear. I ordered blue and now I want it in every colour!" - Caroline C.

"Fantastic bra. I have one side GG the other HH but this manages the difference well." - Jenifer W.

"Best Bras ever. I have been wearing this style since 2008 and I wish I had found it so much earlier!" - Michelle L.

Our suggestion is don't let the price tag deter you as it's likely that this very high quality bra will last twice as long as your cheaper bra. Anyone who knows Brava knows that, unlike department stores, we do not push brands; this is demonstrated by our store layout which is segmented by our customer's needs, their stage of life and not by brands.

Although this article may appear to be sponsored it is most certainly not. We just love Prima Donna bras! Do you wear Prima Donna? Comment below to tell us what you think.