The Fitting Room

ZoomFit - get an expert fitting from the comfort of your own home

Would you like to discuss your fit issues or get help with selecting the right style in real time? Book a one-on-one private Zoom session with an experienced Brava fitter in the comfort of your own home.
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Your video call is completely private between you and your fitter and is not recorded. We’ll send you a link with the Zoom details prior to your appointment. 

A video fitting appointment is perfect for:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women who need advice on correct-fitting bras
  • Helping you choose the best sizing and styles prior to ordering
  • Fit checks once you’ve received your phone or online order
  • Showing you suitable styles on-screen to save you time and stress
  • Whenever you're too busy or unable to come in-store for a bra fitting

What to expect during your ZoomFit appointment:

  • You'll find the link to your appointment in your confirmation email, which is sent through the evening before your appointment. Our fitter will be waiting for you when you join, and will then lock the meeting room to ensure privacy.
  • We recommend wearing your best-fitting or newly-purchased bra.
  • Once we are connected and say our hellos, we'll ask you to remove your top to show us how your bra is fitting from the front, side and back views. We'll talk you through how your bra should be fitting and work together to find the best fit for you. We’ll recommend other sizes and styles as required.

Frequently Asked Questions