The Fitting Room

Finding a Bra That Fits

If you're yet to have been fitted at Brava, we trust that you’ve arrived at this page to learn for yourself how to achieve the absolute best bra fit.

Always remember to be guided by the way your bra feels when you’re wearing it. If it’s uncomfortable (even if it looks like the right bra size) then that particular style is not suited for you.

How do I find my correct bra size?

Before we show you how to find your correct bra size, you first need to put your bra on correctly. Putting your bra on incorrectly is like putting your shoes on the wrong feet! Once you're wearing your bra properly, we can assess the fit with confidence.

  • Lean forward so your breasts fall naturally into the cup
  • Place the straps over your shoulders
  • Fasten the back on the loosest hook to begin with
  • Lean forward and jiggle your bust (trust us!), while holding the underwires
  • Adjust your shoulder straps so they are taut, but not too tight! You shouldn't feel like your shoulders are being pulled down
  • If needed, separate your bust so the middle wires sit flush against your sternum
  • Gently smooth over the cups, band, and straps
  • Have a look in the mirror! You should feel comfortable and supported? If not, don't worry - we're here to help!

PS: It's normal for a bra you thought was a good fit, become an obviously bad fit, once you've followed these steps. It's like an unveiling the true fit of your bra! We promise, with some size or style adjustments, you'll be able to wear a bra properly with comfort and confidence.

The Perfect Band Fit

  • The cup should fully encase your breast tissue, without sitting too far back around your torso
  • The band should stay put when you raise your arms
  • You should feel like the band is giving you a hug, firm enough to provide support but not so tight that it's causing pain

An Incorrect Band Fit

  • The band rides up your back throughout the day, failing to stay parallel to the ground. It's too big.
  • The band lifts up or away from the body when your arms are raised, allowing breast tissue to escape. It's too big.

How to Get Your Bra’s Back Size Right: Fitter's Tips

  • The back band should fit snugly, wrapping horizontally around your body, parallel to the ground. It should stay in place throughout the day, without riding up.
  • Fit your new bra on the loosest hook to begin with, knowing that as the fabric naturally stretches over time, you’ll be able to adjust the fit.
  • When you drop the shoulder straps off of your shoulders, the back band should not move. You should still feel mostly supported!
  • If your band is too big, try a band size down to start with. For every band size that you decrease, you'll need to increase the cup size accordingly to maintain the cup depth. This is because cup sizes aren't static - they are indicative of a ratio between breast volume and band size. (e.g. 14D sizes down to 12DD and 18F sizes down to 16FF).

The Perfect Cup Fit

  • The cups should fully encapsulate your breast tissue, without cutting in or causing spillage through the top or centre
  • The underwire should sit just behind where your breast tissue starts under the arm

An Incorrect Cup Fit

  • The cups cut into the breast tissue
  • The cups are gaping, or there is loose fabric resulting in empty space within the cup
  • The wires are sitting on the breast tissue under the arm
  • The centre gore pulls away from the body, not anchoring to the sternum, failing to fully encapsulate the breasts

Getting Your Bra’s Cup Size Right: Fitter's Tips

  • Your breasts should be fully encased by the bra: no spillage, cutting in or gaping.
  • If your breast tissue bulges over the top of the cups, under your arms, or out of the bottom of the bra, you need a larger cup size.
  • If the wires are sitting on top of your breast tissue, you likely need a larger cup size. If your cups are otherwise fitting well, you may just need to try a different brand or style that features wider underwires.
  • The centre gore (where the wires meet between the breasts) should sit flat against your sternum. If the gore is pulling away from your chest, or digging into your breast tissue, you likely need a larger cup size.

The Perfect Strap Fit

  • Straps should be taut over the shoulders, without causing any discomfort.
  • The straps shouldn't dig into your armpits, or sit so far out on your shoulders that they slip off. If this is a problem for you, we recommend looking at styles with narrower cups or more central straps.
  • You should feel lifted, supported and comfortable.

Adjusting Your Bra Straps Correctly: Fitter's Tips

  • Your shoulder straps should be snug, but not so tight that they leave red marks atop your shoulders.
  • The weight of your bust should be supported almost entirely by the back band and the cups. The shoulder straps shouldn’t be doing all the work!
  • If your back band is firm enough (not too big), your straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders.

The Ultimate Bra-Fitting Checklist:

  • Move around (go ahead, get your groove on!) to determine comfort
  • Pop a t-shirt on to see what shape the bra gives you under clothes
  • Take a minute to really consider how the bra feels on your body
  • If it's uncomfortable, try a different size or style
  • Don't buy it if you are unsure! You deserve a bra that doesn't make you think twice, and we promise the perfect one for you is out there.

Other Bra-Fitting Factors

Puberty, menopause, pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, ill-health, and more can all cause changes in your ideal bra size or style. Fluctuations continue throughout our lifetimes. We understand the changes that bodies experience, and are here to offer our support and expertise in finding you the best bra for your unique circumstance.

Just as we all come in delightfully different shapes and sizes, many bra manufacturers differ dramatically in their size gradings. It’s normal to wear a particular size in one bra and a different size in another. To guarantee the very best fit for you, feel free to enlist the help of our bra-fitting experts online, or visit one of our five stores.