Bra Review - Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra (1581)

The Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra is one of the best and most comfortable flexible wired maternity bras available for D-cup and up women. It's comfortable, reliable, plain, and easy to wear with T-shirts, and we regularly receive rave reviews from our customers. The shape is similar to a popular everyday style by Freya's sister brand, the Fantasie Rebecca Moulded Bra, with its super smooth and seamfree support, but with the addition of the A-frame structure and clips for breastfeeding.

Sizes Available

AUS 8 - 12 (UK 30 - 34) D - HH cups
AUS 14 (UK 36) D - H cups
AUS 16 (UK 38) D - GG cups
AUS 18 (UK 40) D - G cups

Colours Available

  • Ongoing colours are Black, nude and ombre.

Best Features

Almost every time we fit a pregnant or breastfeeding mum on the hunt for her first nursing bra, she tells us she wants something as similar as possible to what she's wearing now. The best feature of the Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra is that it's like a regular bra they wore before pregnancy. Some women may hesitate to try a spacer moulded bra if they're worried about the padding making them appear larger. However, the Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra gives the shape of a minimiser. 

What customers like:

  • The support of an everyday underwire bra for nursing!
  • The Freya Pure bra includes smooth, moulded and round-shaped cups.
  • Cups are generous to allow for changes in size due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • A-Frame structure gives the cup support while breastfeeding.
  • Centrally positioned straps prevent annoying shoulder slippage.
  • Minimal lace ensures a smooth silhouette under clothing and prevents any itchiness or discomfort.

What customers dislike:

  • The shape can be a bit wide and flattening on some women.
  • Straps are quite thin.
  • For heavy or large busted women, sometimes the flexible wires are too soft.
  • Sometimes the lace trim on the top of the A-frame rides up and may need to be tucked in.
Percentage of women this bra will work on 75%

We love the Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra for being simple and reliable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. At a time of life when there's so much to do, your maternity bra should be the least of your worries; the Freya Pure Moulded Nursing Bra will be your supportive friend through it all.

Overall score 9/10

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