Bra Review - Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra (6024)

The Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra is a primary product for larger-cup lingerie engineering. This bra can defy gravity in larger cup sizes with its incredible lift and support, not to mention its high level of comfort. The straps are comfortable and sit well on the shoulders, the band is wide and doesn't roll or dig in, and the cups give great lift, working perfectly for Sports and every day. 

Sizes Available

AUS 10 - 14 (UK 32 - 36) E - JJ cups (up to a European L cup)
AUS 16 - 22 (UK 38 - 44) D - JJ cups (up to a European L cup)
The Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra is also available in larger band sizes, please contact us for availability.

Colours Available

  • Ongoing colours are Black and White.

Best Features

The ergonomically designed straps are like heaven on the shoulders for full-busted women. The wide straps are padded cotton and are super comfortable with minimal stretch. The underwires are cut short on the side of each arm, making it perfect for shorter or petite-waisted women. The Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra also features an antimicrobial finish, inhibiting bacterial growth and preventing odours. If underwires aren't your cup of tea, the Ulla Kate Wirefree Sports Bra uses the same great fabric.

What women love:

  • Extremely comfortable high-impact sports bra, especially in J - JJ cups, with a well-rounded shape.
  • Many women love the fit and support so much that they wear this as an everyday bra.
  • Breathable fabrics will keep you dry.

What some women may dislike:

  • The fabric in the cups can seem thin even though it is sturdy.
  • The full upper bust coverage may be too high-cut for some clothing choices.
  • Some styles of sports bras can be machine washed in a lingerie bag on a delicate cycle, but the Ulla Kate Underwired Sports Bra must always be hand washed.

Despite its expensive price, this bra covers an incredible size range, and its fit, lift, and support are unmatched in the J - JJ cups especially. Ulla bras are based in Germany and undergo quality control before making their way to us. The cost accounts for the engineering quality, production and materials used.

Percentage of women this bra will work on 90%

Overall score 9/10

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