14 years old, courageous and so compassionate. We are with you Bella.

This post has been guest-written by Brava customer, Isabella Van Deursen.

In July 2018, I am heading to Nepal on a school trip as part of a World Challenge expedition. Our World Challenge team will soon decide on a community project, which may involve assisting locals with much-needed renovations or construction, establishing clean water and waste supplies and creating vegetable gardens. We will have the opportunity to work with families who live off the grid and in extreme poverty. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a literacy rate of only 56.6%, and we are striving to in some way help improve this.

For my trip, we fly from Melbourne airport to Kathmandu and stay in a hostel for the night; but from there onward, the trip is planned by the students. Everything from location to food, accommodation to transport. We will spend 8 to 16 days hiking, before a week completing a volunteer project to help the local community.

I am only 14 years old, but find it extremely difficult to find a well-fitting bra. Thanks to the amazing team at Brava, I now feel much more confident and empowered.

So far I have been going on weekly bike rides, swims and runs. I have also been going to the gym and dancing. None of these activities would have been a happy prospect before... but now I have Brava on my side, giving me the support I need!

The sports bras and swimmers that Brava has kindly sponsored me with, have been essential to my training; they help me feel much more confident, so I can improve my fitness and endurance to experience Nepal to the fullest. Having a well-fitting, supportive bra is so important, especially when you are pushing your limits, and even more so when you are far from home. And let's be honest, I have to be fit for this trip, and the last place you want a wardrobe malfunction is when your half way up a mountain in Nepal!

The wide range of bra's available at Brava is incredible, I was able to try a variety of styles, colours and brands. As a teenager, having such a grown up figure can be very difficult to fit. But thanks to the sensational team at Brava (especially DeeDee who fit me on the day) I was able to choose styles that were both age-appropriate and well-fitting. I had options for style and color - no industrial beige or muffin top to be seen!I chose the Panache Sports Bra in black which works best for me although there were 9 other colours/patterns to choose from. The wide band at the sides and back of the bra help give extra support and takes some of the pressure off my back, which I love. Its full cups give coverage and help keep me contained regardless of the activity. The padded shoulder straps are extremely comfortable and don't dig in; you can also cross the straps over into a racerback which is really convenient and gives you extra support. This has allowed me to wear it for everyday and cross over for training.Finding good swimmers when you're busty is challenging to say the least. So when I tried on the Prima Donna Sherry Control Swimsuit in the colour berry¦ well, I LOVE them! The cute yet functional design, with the hidden underwire is the best! They're comfortable, practical and stylish, and like a sports bra, I can also cross the straps into a racerback which is amazing for when I am training.  This has really given me the confidence I was looking for.

My new bras and swimmers help me get my fitness up and still be contained, but on-trend. Thanks to the amazing team at Brava, especially Lin who agreed to sponsor me! You have really helped me get closer to my fitness goals for my Nepal Trip, and I couldn't be more grateful.