Ulla Lingerie

Price Range: $69.95 -$299.95 / Size Range: 8 -34 & D-K cup

Ulla is a German brand offering a generous size range, and luxurious fit since 1948. Exceptional hand sewn tailoring, feminine finish in comfort and functionality, this family-owned company is one of our highest quality brands at Brava.

With a range of lingerie, sports and maternity styles, Ulla caters to everyone.

The Viola Bra and Alice T-Shirt Bra are known by customers and staff as two of the most comfortable styles for everyday wear; almost seamless and offering sizes up to a J cup.

Using shorter, softer wires, Ulla is perfect if you've had problem wires, but you still want that lifted support. The Kate Underwire Sports Bra is the epitome of this. A miracle bra, offering unparalleled support and comfort from D-K cup. Full coverage and padded straps, almost no bounce, it is well known to be worn straight out the door at Brava.

Wanting to try wirefree bras? Go straight to Kate Wirefree Sports bra, similar support and even more comfort than her underwired sister.

Embroidery from Switzerland and fabric selected for optimum support while maintaining endless comfort, Ulla is the pinnacle of quality.

Unsure how a bra should fit and what size or style to select? Visit us in-store for an expert fitting, or explore our Virtual Fitting services and get a perfect bra fitting experience from the comfort of your own home.