Moulded Bras

Moulded Bras at Brava

Moulded bras are becoming more and more popular and it's no surprise why, as they are the ultimate go-to if you're looking for a smooth, round and fitted shape!

Moulded bras are constructed from a contoured foam and work to give you shape without increasing bust size and are seamless under clothing, making for a perfect bra to wear under t-shirts. There is a common misconception that moulded bras will often make you look bigger, however by liftng the bust higher, it actually reveals more of your waist. Read our blog that discusses the difference between moulded and non-moulded bras here.

At Brava we stock a variety of moulded bras both online and in store, in brands such as Fantasie, Corin and Freya just to name a few.

The Corin Virginia Moulded Bra is one of Brava's best-selling bras and is an incredible all-rounder! Made from a lightweight 3D spacer foam, the Virginia perfectly adapts to the shape of your breasts and is the perfect bra to achieve a natural shape under clothing. It also comes in range of different colours suitable for every occasion, which we love!

The Freya Idol Moulded Balconette Bra and the PrimaDonna Figuras Heart Shape Bra are also honourable mentions, both providing a gorgeous shape and all day support.

If moulded bras are not quite for you, we also offer a range of non-moulded bras and t-shirt bras.

Or if you're looking for that extra bit of comfort, why not try a wirefree bra!

Unsure how a bra should fit and what size or style to select? Visit us in-store for an expert fitting, or explore our Virtual Fitting services and get a perfect bra fitting experience from the comfort of your own home.