Bridal Bras

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When women think about the most important day of their life their wedding day would probably be the most common answer. Before you decide on your dress, your shoes, your jewellery, and other accessories you may not have thought of one of the most important wardrobe decisions: your bridal lingerie

With so many different dress options it can be hard to know what is the best style to suit your bust, your dress and your style. One of the most popular bridal bra styles is always a strapless bra such as the Freya Deco Strapless Bra; this works under both strapless bridal dresses and dresses with finer strap details. 

If your dress allows you to wear a bra with straps there are so many options for you. Perhaps you’d like a lacy bra such as the Empreinte Melody Bra in Ivory which is a gorgeous full cup t-shirt bra with seamless cups for a smooth look. 

If your dress is a lower cut style a plunge bra will be your secret weapon on the day. The Curvy Kate SuperPlunge Multiway Padded Plunge Bra will give you killer cleavage and a deep plunge style for a lower cut dress. 

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