5 Easy Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Lockdown Lingerie

You know what they always say, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to shake up your lingerie wearing habits! Ok, so maybe they don’t always say that but maybe they should because if you’re like me, then stay at home orders, and resulting COVID kilos, have really turned your lingerie life upside down. I’m not ready to totally replace every item in my overflowing top drawer just yet, but nothing quite fits like it once did and now my big boob issues require immediate attention.

Brava’s Fit Finder is a great tool for finding you the perfect bra to help you survive lockdown, but if you’re not “new bra critical” just yet, follow my four easy steps to get the most out of your lockdown lingerie routine.

Step 1. Reconnaissance- It may have been a while since you’ve ventured forth into the tangled wilderness that is your bras and knickers drawer but working with what you’ve got is a good place to start. As a general guide you’re going to need a mix of three styles – sports bra, an underwired everyday bra, and a wire free. Consider them your trio of lockdown lingerie heroes!

Step 2. Be Realistic I have gone up one back size and about a cup size since last year. I used to wear a 12F-FF in most styles, but now I’m closer to a 14G so it’s unlikely that everything in my drawer will still fit.

It’s totally normal to miss the body you had while getting used to the body you have now, but don’t try and squeeze yourself into a bra that’s too small. Not only will you be way more uncomfortable than you deserve to be, but those too-small bras are not safe to wear. If the underwire is sitting on top of, or digging into breast tissue, it might be time to part ways.

Step 3. The at Home Try On.

My newly minted COVID kilos mean that as expected, most of my everyday faves no longer fit. To be honest I found this step to be not all that fun, at first. So my advice to you is to blast some feelgood tunes while you do this step! David Bowie’s classic banger Fashion had me vibing like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, and by the end of my hair tossing, bra trying on montage I found I had a couple of bras I could comfortably work with!

Step 4. Treat Yourself!

Ok so this step is very, very necessary! Although I did manage to find two great styles I already owned, I did need to buy a couple of things to fill in the gaps. Plus, new lingerie is a proven mood booster, it’s a fact. And why deny the facts?

My Lockdown Lingerie Heroes:

The Sports Bra– Ulla Kate. This style made it in to my top three for more than one reason. The most obvious one being that now is not the time to give up on exercise. As a single mum home schooling an energetic 8-year-old while keeping my 3-year-old out of trouble, my mental wellbeing depends on getting out for a walk as often as I can.

Kate has quite a lot of room in the top of the cup and the underwires don’t go all the way up, which means that even with a little bit of weight gain this style is still a great fit! I love Kate for the cushy padded straps and the very needed bounce control panel, so to say I’m thrilled it still fits is a huge understatement!  


The Underwire Everyday- Prima Donna I Do. Wearing a pretty bra that gives me the shape I’m used to helps make me feel a little bit more like myself, so having something to wear while doing the weekly shop, or grabbing a takeaway coffee was non-negotiable. But as predicted, all my underwired everyday bras are now too small. After a little cry I jumped onto Brava’s online store and immediately fell in love with the Prima Donna I Do Full Cup Bra. I’m a long-time fan of this brand so I know that there is nothing more comfortable than Prima Donna’s silicone coated soft wires. Adding I Do to my cart was a no brainer. I bought the 14GG, it’s a perfect fit and makes me feel like a goddess!


Wire Free- Cake Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra.

This one had not seen the light of day since I stopped breastfeeding, but the very real need for something wire free and easy promoted Cotton Candy from forgotten to first place! But being my only everyday go-to these past few months has been rough on the Cotton Candy. I really need two so I’ve ordered the Sugar Candy Luxe Everyday Bra as my second wire-free option, and I can’t wait to try it. The Everyday has all the support I love in the Nursing style, but it doesn’t have the nursing clips!


Step 5. Get Some Help!

If you need some more personalised help, Brava are here for you! Let our virtual fitter guide you from the comfort of your own home or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 427 282.