5 Qualities of a Good Bra Fitter

When it comes to bra fittings, we've heard stories of some real doozies! Women have told us of bra fitting nightmares that have left them in tears, scared them away from being fitted for years (or forever!), or made them feel terrible about their bodies.
So how do you know a great bra fitter when you find one? Given the different brands that now offer large cup lingerie in beautiful styles and colours, it's important that you put yourself into the capable care of a bra fitter you can truly trust.

1. There's a good chance she will know your size before she's even fit you

Tape measures are inaccurate when it comes to finding your correct bra size. In our minds, it's like measuring a glass of water with a ruler. There are so many other factors aside from size that a bra fitter should take into account such as style, shape, brand and of course your individual needs. It would need to be a pretty smart tape measure to do all this.

2. She will ask questions about your preferences

After all, it is all about YOU. Like any piece of clothing, you need to find the fit and style which is most suitable for your body and a great bra fitter will help you achieve this. Bra fitting involves a little bit of art and science, but in the end it's up to you to decide what feels the best and that leads to our next point...

3. She knows that it's the FIT that matters, not your size

Knowing your size is a good guide when bra shopping, but it's not the be-all and end-all. It really is just a number and letter on the tag! Bra sizes vary between each lingerie brand, and sometimes between styles too. A good bra fitter will know that you are not defined by the size on your bra tag.

4. She loves that we're all unique, and that the same rules don't apply to all women

We often talk about the fact that there is no such thing as one bra style that suits all women. The way a bra band or cup shape sits on one woman can totally differ to how it sits on another woman. This can be due to body shape, age, and other variables. A truly great bra fitter loves to work with women to help them find the right style for them... even if it takes trying on ten bras to find œthe one.

5. She will introduce you to lingerie styles that you may have never considered before

Most of us tend to stick with a style or brand that we know and love, but sometimes it's great to have your lingerie world opened up by a knowledgeable bra fitter! You may like to try other styles that have been suggested by your bra fitter based on your taste and shape... but if you're not interested, the best bra fitters won't push you.

Quality lingerie is an investment in your appearance, confidence and health; so you need to feel trust in your bra fitter in order to feel happy with your purchase. Pay attention to your gut instinct and if you're not happy with the advice or service, go elsewhere or request another fitter's advice. The world of bra fitting can sometimes seem complicated and perhaps a little scary, but we hope this list helps you find the ultimate bra shopping experience.

Have you been fitted by a professional bra fitter? Tell us what you think makes a good, or bad, bra fitting experience!