5 Things That Your Fuller Bust Bra Fitter Wishes You Knew

Don’t be self-conscious!

Even though you are in a confined space with us in your underwear, we’re not really looking at your body – so please don’t apologise to us about your weight, your moles, your tan-lines, your band-aid or anything else because you’ve got absolutely nothing to apologise for: bodies are beautiful, amazing things and besides, you look wonderful. Really. In a fitting room, we’re looking at the bra that you’re wearing to assess how it’s fitting, whether the shape works on you, and thinking about options that we can bring you to help your bust look its very best, and help you feel your very best. We’re sorry if you’ve had a bad experience elsewhere, but we’re not like that, we promise.

We can only bring you bra styles that exist.

Whilst we can be miracle workers using lingerie to help your boobs defy physics, sometimes the product you want is beyond the realm of current lingerie engineering. And this makes us feel sad too. If you bring us a dress for a special occasion, we will do our utmost to find a lingerie solution that works for you. We would love to offer a backless, strapless option for your dress in J cup but sadly it just doesn’t exist… yet! And as soon as it does, you can bet your cotton socks we’ll offer it.

Let’s talk about seams and “back fat”…

Lingerie designers are not evil mad men who just put seams in the cups of bras to show through clothing and remind everyone that you are wearing underwear (you’re wearing a bra?! Scandalous!). Seams give structure to the cup so that they can lift and shape your bust. Seam free bras are great, but some women wearing a large cup size may find it difficult to get the look and shape that they want without seams.

Are you worried about “back fat”? If your answer is yes, you are in good company – most of us cringe at the thought. But contrary to popular opinion, a looser band is not going to help. You need your bra band to be nice, firm and snug otherwise it’ll ride up, give you no support, and it will dig in even more at the back and be more obvious. We understand that it can be frustrating, but we want you to be lifted and supported and fit in the best bra possible.

The size label on the bra really doesn’t matter.

Were you just fitted for the first time and found out that a brand new 10H fits so much better than the 16DD that you came in wearing? We understand that it may be a shock and take a while to process, but your bra size doesn’t define you and it doesn’t change you as a person. In fact, we hope that it boosts your self-confidence knowing that you have a bra that fits you and lifts you up as well as looks fab underneath your clothes (and without clothes too if that’s what you’re after!) regardless of the size.

Freya Love Note

Honesty is everything.

When we find a bra that looks great in a fitting room, we want to know how you’re feeling in it. We want you to move around, take a seat, make sure that you’re comfortable in it. If you feel like it’s digging in or awkward or anything at all, please let us know! We will ask, and it is important that you be honest with us; don’t just say that it’s fine if it’s not. We want you to walk out with the best possible bras for you, bras that will lift you up and support you and be used and well-loved. Nothing breaks our hearts more than finding out later that you and your bra are not a perfect match and are not on speaking terms, and that we could have prevented it.