6 Tips To Banish Underwire Pain

Bra underwire can have different effects for different women - some can't live with them, and others can't live without them! At Brava we meet many women who are looking for wirefree bras because their underwired bras are too uncomfortable. To understand the reasons for discomfort, we always suggest to be fitted into an underwired bra by Brava due to our extensive product range and our experience with finding the right bra for every shape. Uncomfortable wires are usually due to incorrect size or an unsuitable style, which can result in a world of discomfort leading to banishing underwire forever. 

Get ready to mend your relationship with underwired bras with our bra fitter's solutions.

1)   Wire from the cup is cutting into the side of the breast tissue

When wires are digging into your side breast tissue it's a clear sign that you’re in need of a different bra size. If you’re wearing the wrong cup size or even band size then the wire in your bra won’t encompass all of your breast tissue. A back band that is too big will not bring the wire behind the breast tissue where it belongs. Make sure you get a professional fitting to find out your current size.

2)   The bra rides up and wires dig into the bottom of the breast tissue

If you lift your arms up, does your bra lift too? Many women go through life assuming it’s normal to have your bra moving throughout the day. If you have wires digging into the bottom section of your bust then once again, it’s the wrong fit.

Your cups are supposed to capture all your breast tissue and keep them in place. A bra that fits you correctly will anchor the centre gore (the middle-part between the two cups) to your chest, hugging your rib cage. When you lift your arms, the band should stay put. If you can feel or see the bottom of your breasts this is a sure sign that either the band or cup are incorrect. 

3)   Figuring out what to wear for sports is confusing

Some women swear by wire-free sports bras for compression believing you aren’t supposed to wear wires during sport and others cant imagine not wearing a wire for support. Both can work equally as well, it simply comes down to what works best with your body. 

The sports bra you choose should be based on your activity, size and shape. Our Shock Absorber D+ Classic Support Bra is a compression wirefree bra made for women with bigger busts. This sports bra is made with depth in mind and seams to provide ultimate support.

For those who want an underwire, separation and moulded cups, the Panache Sports Bra and Freya Active Epic Moulded Crop Top are great because the moulding and structural seaming help keep the bust supported during high impact activities. 

4)   The wiring of your bra has poked out and is stabbing you

The longevity of a bra depends on the quality and how often you wear it. Usually the wires poke out from casing because of two reasons. 

You’re absolutely obsessed with your favourite bra and wear it to death which means it is worn and washed every week. In the end your bra can only take so much love. This means you probably need to update with a new bra more often, likely every 6 - 12 months to maintain the support you need. 

The second reason is one that makes us grit our teeth and shiver for the poor bra. Machine washing your bra is like burying it alive. Manufacturers wash test their bras and it's why they recommend hand wash only, they also don’t offer a replacement if machine washed. And we know if its machine washed! We often refer to our lingerie as ‘delicates’, so let’s treat them delicately. The motion of the washing machine tends to move the wire in its casing and slowly change its shape, along with the friction heat from the machine damaging the fabric.

Hand wash your bras in a cool wash using a gentle detergent with simple ingredients. Some of our staff take theirs in the shower; multi-tasking at its very best. We also have our own Brava lingerie wash made with a tea tree scent.

5)   I can feel the wires but I know I’m wearing the right size

Some bras with underwires can cause problems even when it is the right size. If the wire is chaffing or digging into you consistently then we recommend trying a bandless bra style. A bandless bra hasn’t got cups sewn onto a band underneath, instead the band is sewn onto the outer edges of each cup. This means that the band hardly presents itself at the front. 

A great option is the many Prima Donna bras we have on offer. Prima Donna has been a well-established, quality brand since 1865 and offer bras with double-layered wires, ultimately resulting in a softer and more comfortable fit. The Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra and Prima Donna Perle Moulded Bra are both very popular.

6)   I just love wirefree bras and you can't stop me

If you’re truly not a fan of underwires and prefer a wirefree bra, Brava offers bralettes and wirefree styles up to an H cup. Some are also available in XS-XL and are finished with seams and layers in all the right places for a supportive fit and shape. 

Try our Prima Donna Couture Wirefree Bra, Panache Lyzy Triangle BraletteElomi Cate Wirefree Bra and for those who love a plunging moulded style, try the Freya Deco Wirefree Bra.

So before you banish the underwire go get a personal bra fitting in one of our stores to make sure that you’re in the right size and style for your shape.