7 Empowering Reasons to Love Your Lingerie

I love you. How many times do we say this to others? It rolls off the tongue easily, meaningfully and truthfully. How often do you say it to yourself? Lingerie may be a necessity; an everyday basic that as a fuller busted woman you can't go without, however it's been portrayed as something you splash out on to impress someone else. You're the one that's wearing this underwear, you need to feel your best in it. With that in mind, have a read of these empowering reasons to wear beautiful lingerie.

#1 Celebrate your body and all that makes you

Your body is this beautiful mechanism that keeps you going and works hard for you. No matter what shape or size you are, it's time to embrace your body. Getting a lingerie fitting isn't only about finding the perfect fit, it's so much more than that. Trying on different styles, colours and bras can be fun; enjoy your body. Wear clothes that show off your figure, not baggy clothes to hide it. Let your lingerie help you fall in love with your shape.

#2 The act of self-love is fierce

Think of the way you shower affection on those you love. Wearing beautiful, sexy lingerie is about feeling self-love. There's no shame in treating yourself well and looking after number one. You can choose to declare it to the world or keep it to yourself that you regard self-care highly and indulge in beautiful lingerie pieces.

#3 Take a ride on the confidence train

Our self-esteem can take a knock (or a full battering) from time to time. Doing small things with great magnitude can make a world of difference. Everyone has a bad hair day or feels low for many reasons and sometimes no reason. Donning that artfully crafted lingerie can help, it can be the small acts that make the biggest differences to feeling good. Nurture yourself and slip on something in the morning to give yourself an uplift and a confidence boost.

#4 Treat yourself and reap the benefits                         

We get so caught up paying bills, making ends meet, trying to fit everything in and keeping-up with others, at times we go at a hundred miles an hour. Stop. Breathe. Take stock of yourself. Are you giving yourself a break or turning away from any opportunity to treat yourself? A great fitting gorgeous bra and matching brief isn't always something that comes gift wrapped in a shiny red box with a bow on Valentine's Day. Don't wait for someone else to treat you. You deserve this now, treat yourself to something that lights you up and boosts your confidence.

#5 Secret or not, it's yours to decide

Wearing beautiful, well-fitted lingerie changes how you feel about your body and yourself. As women there have been many things we've fought for and are still striving to achieve. No one else should have a right over what we wear, how we portray ourselves or what we choose to stand up for. Walking around knowing what's underneath is an exhilarating feeling that shows past your layers of clothing.

It can be this little secret you carry around with you. Only you know that you're wearing something lacy or colourful, something with matching bottoms and hosiery. You can choose to share this with anyone you like because the choice is yours and only yours to make.

#6 Sweet and spice and everything nice. Or not.

We are all individuals with unique characteristics. We have our quirks and own style. Whether you carry yourself with some smart sass or have a playful appeal, there is lingerie to suit everyone's personality. Uniform, pant suit, bodycon dress, summer maxi dress or jeans and tee - there's an abundance of lingerie to choose from. Find lingerie that expresses who you are, so you love what's underneath just as much.

#7 Looking and feeling your best is under-rated

It's easy to get caught-up in the rhythmic drumming of life. Prioritising your more demanding tasks before self-care can be the easiest option but don't forget that you deserve to feel your best, always. Looking your best goes together with feeling your best - it makes a difference to your mood and how you present yourself to yourself. Your underwear is a good starting point and will allow you to build from there. You're doing this for yourself.

Start your day right by doing something that makes you feel empowered. Carefully choose your lingerie, knowing that you're going to feel like a boss and that you're taking these steps for yourself. Feel confident, sexy and supported and don't wait for birthdays, Valentine's Day and holidays. Feel your best every day. Do it for yourself.