A bra for all occasions

When you want to feel like a million dollars, the essential foundation for any fabulous outfit is well-fitted, supportive underwear. True for all women, but even more so for those of us blessed with D cup or above breasts. You want shape and support. You don't want visible lines showing through your clothes, to be bulging out of your bra or to be racing home so you can whip your bra off!

Have you ever bought an outfit at the last-minute and raced home to get ready only to discover that you don't have the right bra to wear under it?

In a perfect world, we'd all own the right bra for each and every outfit. Scratch that¦ in a perfect world, we'd all have endless supply of lingerie in all colours and styles! But in reality, there's a lot you can do to build up your bra collection to match your wardrobe.

7 bra styles every woman should own

Moulded / T-Shirt Bra

Wear a moulded t-shirt bra for an incredibly smooth appearance under fitted clothing, and a lovely rounded shape. You need at least two t-shirt bras - one in black, and one in nude. Always wear nude colour bras under white clothing; it's a better alternative to a white bra which will show through!

Everyday Bra

An everyday bra need not be boring, or beige. Go for a simple style that features feminine lace or decorative finishes. Basically, your everyday bra needs to get you from breakfast to dinner (and beyond) in comfort and style. Depending on your preference, your favourite everyday style may be with or without underwire, full or balconette cup. Choose what feels right to you when you're being fitted.

Half Cup or Plunge Bra

A necessity for wearing under tops and dresses with a low-cut neckline, half cup and plunge bra styles flatter your décolletage. The plunge bra gives you slight cleavage and lift, with a low plunging front. The depth of the actual plunge can vary between brands and styles, so not all plunge bras are created equal! A half cup bra (sometimes referred to as a demi cup bra) is designed to cover about half of your breast tissue. Most half cup styles are designed to help you create cleavage.

Multiway Bra

The hero of the bra world is the multiway bra. It can be worn as a halterneck bra, racer back bra and sometimes as a strapless bra. This style is perfect for wearing under tank tops, halter neck dresses, or one-shouldered outfits.

Strapless Bra

The wonderful thing about a strapless bra is the versatility it offers you, as all strapless bra styles come with detachable straps. You can wear a strapless bra as a t-shirt bra with the straps attached for everyday, cross them over at the back for that special dress, use just one strap to wear those halter neck tops or even add clear or fancy straps for a bit of dazzle.

Sports Bra

If your breasts aren't well supported it can lead to breast sag. Why? Because your breasts are made up of breast tissue, fat and tendons, there is no muscle to rebuild. If your breasts are not supported with a good sports bra during exercise they will bounce, stretching these tendons. This is irreversible. Poor support also causes neck and back pain, so unhelpful when you have physical goals.

Sexy & Special Bra

At Brava, we believe that the definition of sexy is as individual as the person wearing it. It's not the lingerie that is sexy; it's all about the confidence of the woman wearing it. Being comfortable is key. Let's face it - if you're not comfortable, it won't look sexy! For a little magic you may like to try a sexy lingerie set, a basque or a babydoll nighty.
What's your favourite bra style? Leave a comment below and tell us.
By Lin Windram.