Back to School

Brava is there for Back to School Time

Teenage girls catch up at the end of the school holidays and make their way through the ups and downs of working out their life journey. There’s plenty of overwhelming experiences that teenage girls must navigate. They generally cruise along in life until it throws the puberty curveball!

Breast changes come with the beginning of the menstrual cycle, growth spurts, hormonal shifts and estrogen causes breasts to grow, one breast can grow faster than the other and breasts can be tender or even painful while they develop. Breast size is primarily determined by genetics and may come from a distant relative, breast sizes can be very different within a family. By 18 the final breast size is known - until times of change.

Teenagers conscious of their bust size often hunch forward to make the breast less obvious. But this can create shoulder tendinitis, aching neck and headache. Standing upright, with good posture in a correctly fitted bra gets the breasts up where they belong. They like what they see, feel confident and stand taller.


Getting prepared for the new school term, we know many teenagers don’t want a noticeable bra. As the breasts grow, a wirefree bra will help, looks smooth and almost invisible under any top and is a go-to option for developing breasts.

Underwear for Humanity, Recycled Bra - Crop D+  (10 - 24)


When breasts develop further, the correct fitting is everything; too small, the tightness constricts; too big, they feel awkward and self-conscious. A sports bra can be a step up, it provides great support for developing breasts. Team sports and high activity pursuits demand the need to banish the bounce, create confidence and empower the girls to meet their fitness goals. Brava has an amazing range of sports bras in sizes 6-22, D to K cup designed for both high impact sports and passive activity.

Panache Ultra Perform, Non-Padded Wired Sports Bra  (6 - 18, D - J*)


Succumbing to a bra fitting is on teen’s 'most embarrassing experiences' list. Some want mum’s help... BUT others dread it. Brava fitters are adept at maintaining communication while minimising embarrassment, respecting privacy without them feeling exposed or vulnerable. It’s all about positivity, the girls feel heard and understood. Wearing a well-fitted bra that improves posture, comfort and confidence once breasts have fully developed reveals how fabulous a beautiful bra can make them feel. It’s an absolute delight when a young woman discovers the right bras for her shape, embraces her unique body, and leaves the store feeling comfortable and empowered. At Back to School time, everyday bras and reliable sports bras are enough. Many teenage girls prefer bras designed with light moulding to help with modesty as they adapt to their new shape. Young girls feel less exposed and it’s not true that "padded bras just make your boobs look bigger" a professional bra fitter won't be using inappropriate size enhancing styles for their teen fittings.

Freya Idol, Moulded Balcony T-Shirt Bra  (6 - 16, D - G*)

Teachers - Back to School!!

Really, 'Back to School' time not only impacts teenage girls, but also their teachers who prefer bras designed with a smooth moulding, they feel less exposed to their students, ensuring they are not distracted and totally focused on the lesson. It’s a pleasure meeting so many teachers preparing for the new term, so much for them to think about - and the right bra is high on their list!

Corin Virginia, Moulded Bra (6 - 22, DD - G*)


Without moulding many soft cup bras are modern, contemporary and elegant. Generally, with an underwire and strong side panel to help give a rounded and forward projected shape. Some have concealed seams for a smooth silhouette under clothing.

Fantasie Fusion, UW Full Cup, Side Support Bra  (8 - 18, D - HH*)

Period Pants

We can also help with period proof knickers, in high waist or hipster shorty, made with an ultra soft recycled microfibre and a graphic lace elastic waist band. They are absorbent, seamless and provide full invisibility under clothing. Comfortable, feminine and giving the feeling of wearing regular knickers.

Chantelle Life Graphic Period, High Waist Full Brief & Hipster Shorty (8 - 22) 

It's heartening when shy 13 year old girls, who are more shapely than their school friends, light up when they find lovely bras that fit them. We love it when the girls, who arrived in tears, laugh and say how much better they look and how comfortable and supported they feel. Most importantly they stop feeling abnormal. 

It's time for young women to embrace and celebrate their shape. It liberates them, lets them feel self-assured and ready to face the amazing challenges that will come their way. 

Maxine Windram, Co-Founder of Brava Lingerie joined host, Jo White of Pause Beyond the Court Podcast
Unpacking intricacies of finding the perfect fit and the profound impact a well-fitted sports bra can have on girls' physical and mental well-being. With a focus on the importance of creating optimistic early experiences and a supportive environment that fosters body positivity, enabling girls to feel at ease in both the world of sports and within their own skin. Listen here