Belle: I've struggled with my weight & changed bra sizes like the seasons

This blog has been guest-written by Belle; a Brava customer who starred in our ElomiXBrava campaign.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to appear in this campaign – every bra I currently own is Elomi and I am a long-time customer of Brava. I have to travel an hour to get to a Brava store, but I happily do it. Brava staff are honest, their knowledge and expertise fitting is the best I’ve found, and they have wonderful brands like Elomi that suits my needs.

It has been over a month since the photo-shoot, which gave me such confidence about myself in the following weeks. I felt re-energised about my current figure and size; and I felt great about stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something for myself. I was enthusiastic to get back to loving and looking after myself, and wanted to share this feeling with other women and mums.

Sitting here now, the old me has crept back a little…

Putting my husband and son first. Not going to the gym but wearing my Elomi Energise sports bras everyday (because they are so supportive and comfortable). Adjusting my old, ill-fitting bra which I’m currently wearing because my new, correctly-sized Elomi Matilda is “for good” and I’m just around the house. I feel guilty about buying another bra when I have 4 new ones in the right size.

Why am I thinking this way?

Bras are not a luxury they are a necessity! I cannot leave the house without a bra. I don’t go without a bra at home because I am a size 16H (my first bra was a 12D!). Over the years, I have been a size 10G, 12F up to a 18J when I was pregnant. I have struggled with my weight and I’ve changed bra sizes like the seasons, but I have always been looked after at Brava; knowing that I will always come away with a well-fitted, comfortable bra. Let’s be realistic, it’s usually a sports bra, work bra (in black and nude) and a “pretty” bra.

So why am I not wearing the right bras? Because I think I’m going to lose weight; I don’t want to pay for a new bra because in a month I’ll lose a few kilos and I’ll have to buy another bra. I don’t want to waste money on myself. Yet I have bought new clothes and a watch for my husband and some new toys for my son (and more clothes) just because I love them.

We need to love ourselves!

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t go to the gym or go for that walk. You won’t want to go to work and find that bounce in your step. You need to look after yourself first; we all know how AMAZING we feel when we wear that pretty bra that fits! Bras are that secret power outfit that makes us feel like the Wonder Woman that’s inside all of us!
Who knew that Elomi have an amazing soft cup bra that I can wear around the house? It’s perfect for wearing when my son is sick and I can’t wear an underwire and cuddle him in close; or because I’ve got my period and my breasts hurt but I still want the support of a bra. The women at Brava did and Elomi knew there was a need for it.

I love that Elomi have an extensive range of bras for every mood & occasion.

I put on the gorgeous Morgan feeling instantly confident and feminine. The stunning black Matilda is sexy and powerful. And I can always rely on Cate as my trusty everyday basic.

I wore my first EVER bikini, Tribal Instant Multiway Plunge and classic brief to my son’s swimming lesson and I felt sexy (rather than feeling like the hippo in the room). I never would have chosen this if the Brava and Elomi team hadn’t suggested I take the chance, listen to their advice and try it on!

There are sizes and styles for all of us.

For whatever need you want fulfilled: the boost to make you get up, go to work, rekindle or ignite a spark with your partner, or even if you need YOU time. Visit Brava and speak to the staff. Trust me, you will find what you need. Even if it isn’t what you have in mind, be confident and trust in the women who know about bras and boobs!

Belle Godfrey became a mum in 2015 to a beautiful son, is a dedicated wife and woman passionate for more diversity in the way women perceive themselves. Her genuine commitment to helping others through her charity and fundraising involvements lead to Bella Babble; a personal blog inspired to reach out to other women and mums, promoting positive body image, self-empowerment and sharing real experiences and struggles to remind us life isn’t a media-influenced selfie picture-perfect world.