Bigger Cup Bras for Backless Outfits

Imagine walking along the beach or across town on a hot summer's day with an open back dress, letting the breeze cool your skin. Until you lose your sense of calm as that same breeze reminds you that you're wearing the industrial 'nude' bra that isn't as inconspicuous as its colour represents!

If you are blessed with a D+ cup bust, there's no need to compromise on your comfort or your fashion choices. If you've fallen for a backless top or dress, but you're not sure how to pull it off with your F cup breasts, then read on… because we've got your back! We understand finding the right bra is hard and when you're a bigger busted woman; stick-on bras or going bra-less simply aren't an option.

Flaunt it

Prima Donna Divine Strapless Bra | Sizes 8-20, D-G cup | Ivory or Black

If it's on show, treat your bra like an accessory. Wear colours that complement your clothes. Another Brava tip is to wear your favourite strapless bra. The band of the strapless will show but you could try putting a beautiful lace bandeau over it. This way the back band is covered, there's ample support and you've added a fashion accessory to your look. Two of our favourites are the Prima Donna Divine Strapless Bra and the Fantasie Smoothing Strapless Bra.

Another option is to find a bra with a pretty back-band. Now, we're the first to say that this should not be a priority when it comes to fit and comfort. But if it fits and is supportive, then it could be 'The One'.

Freya Fancies Plunge Bra | Sizes 6-16, D-G cup | Seasonal Colours

Try our Freya Fancies Plunge Bra, it has a gorgeous gated back for support and uplift, along with being fashionably on trend for lower-back and open-back clothes. The detailed thin back band is classy, subtle and on-trend.

Low back strapless

Alternatively, you could try a strapless bustier. Le Mystere’s Sensuelle Bustier has one of the lowest back bands we stock. Available from 10D to 16E (in black and white), this bustier is specifically designed for fuller-figured women. The cups also have underwire contouring for a beautiful shape.

Le Mystere Sensuelle Bustier | Sizes 10-16, D-F cup | Ivory & Black

Confidence is sexy

Now, you can go shopping and not be restricted from buying the dress that caught your eye. Still not sure? Remember that confidence makes you sexy. The best way to wear a backless or open-back outfit is to stop caring about what others might think (easier said than done, we know). But for those of us that are still on the path to self-love, we hope these tips inspire you try some beautiful backless styles… regardless of your cup size.