Bigger Cup Bras For Fitted Tops & Dresses

We’ve all had that moment when we pull our top over our head, for the dream of a smooth silhouette to be shattered when our bra's patterns show through your top. As pretty as colours and beautiful embroidery on lace can be, there’s always a need for a practical solution. A basic seam free t-shirt bra is the answer!

Holy grail of t-shirt bras

It’s okay to want a bra without a single seam but sometimes it's worth broadening your horizons especially if you are GG cup or above. We know you want to look smooth in that dress, but we also want you to have the best bust support to keep your head held high as well as your bust.  There are plenty of options for those in a D-K cup that are smooth but sometimes the extra support that a few flat seems provide may be a better option and its why we offer suggestions for both.

Moulded versus non-moulded bras

T-shirt bras can go from plunges and balconettes to fuller cup styles. It’s great to have a bra fitting so you can figure out which shape works best for you in a seam-free bra. Not all t-shirt bras have to be moulded but some women don’t want any part of their nipple showing through, so it’s always good to take that into consideration when choosing bra fabrics.

Corin Virginia Moulded Bra

Corin Virginia Bra | Sizes 8-22 & D-G cup

Prima Donna Perle Moulded Bra

Prima Donna Perle Bra | Sizes 8-20 & D-G cup

Freya Deco Moulded Plunge Bra

Freya Deco Plunge Bra | Sizes 6-16 & D-GG cup

For a fuller-cup style that doesn’t reach too high above your bust, go for the Corin Viginia Moulded Bra. It’s light to the touch and very breathable thanks to it's incredible spacer foam fabric. What you’ll find with spacer foam is that it will be lighter but may show a nipple outline.

For complete coverage and a thicker mould, try the Prima Donna Perle Moulded Bra. It sits higher in the middle and has a beautiful sweetheart neckline, perfect for a dress of a similar neckline. Prima Donna’s softer wires provide an extremely comfortable fit, especially if this is going to be your day-to-day bra. The Perle Moulded Bra is available in black and nude so you can be flexible with your wardrobe.

The Freya Deco Plunge Bra is a favourite amongst those who love a low plunging neckline for every day. In the Freya Deco, the top of the cup may be a little visible underneath clothes but still a great, versatile everyday style to wear under both high and low-neck clothes. Having said that, if you have a softer bust this plunge may not work as well as others.

Everyday basic plunge bra

Elomi Matilda bras are a great everyday option in sheer fabric.

Having a basic in your bra collection will work wonders and we’ve got a selection in several shapes. If you're looking for a bra for a particular outfit, we recommend you bring it along to a fitting to check how the bra sits underneath and the shape it creates.