Bigger Cup Bras for The Plunging Neckline

Do you love the latest plunge style fashions but struggle to find the support you need without ruining the sexy neckline? When designers make beautiful dresses and tops, they often forget that women with bigger cups exist. We’ve put together a list of our favourite plunge bras to create a staggering shape, uplift AND support in those plunging dresses and tops. Whether you’re looking to create a modest cleavage or a va-va-voom effect, below are your D+ cup plunge bra options.

The vintage-inspired plunge bra

Chantelle Festivite Plunge Bra
| Sizes 8-16, D-F cup | Black
or Nude

Soft and smooth, this style has a very stretchy lace edging through the top of the cup making it very forgiving under clothing. One with a great rounded shape and a nice lift is the Chantelle Festivite Plunge Bra.

In your face ‘Ooh La La’ plunge bra

Freya Deco Moulded Plunge
Bra | Sizes 6-16, D-GG cup |
Black or Nude

We have a name for this and it’s the Freya Deco Moulded Plunge Bra. Sometimes a spectacular outfit requires a spectacular cleavage and this bra is the go-to. The Freya Deco is the ‘no compromise’ bra. It so versatile you can wear it with a plunging neckline, a scoop neck and a basic everyday t-shirt for a smooth look.

If you find you are not quite filling the Freya Deco cups, try Ewa Mickhalak’s Szykus Padded Balconette Bra. Although it’s a balconette bra, it can be a real surprise. The lift an Ewa Michalak bra provides can change the entire shape of your clothes and provide unexpected cleavage.

The super plunging neckline

Ewa Michalak Szykus Padded
Balconette Bra | Sizes 6-22,
E-K cup | Black

If the neckline of your dress or top reaches down to your navel, the truth is that there is nothing supportive enough to lift your bust without showing. However, many plunge bras feature a small decoration on the bridge between the cups which could compliment your outfit. We love the details that inspire your lingerie to be a piece of your outfit, rather than something to be hidden.

Many of our Marlies Dekkers bras have fashionable strapping detail across the top. The Dame De Paris Plunge Bra has closely fitted wires to gently push the breasts together, while the strapping detail adds allure and accentuates your bust.

There’s nothing stopping you from wearing a plunging neckline now you know these bras exist in D cup & up sizes! We’d love to hear your favourite plunge bra style in the comments below!

Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Plunge Bra

Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Plunge Bra | Sizes 10-18, D-E cup | Black or Ivory