Bra Review - Elomi Abi Bandless Bra (8100)

The Elomi Abi Bandless Bra has unfortunately been discontinued.. But the good news is we have a new Elomi Bandless Bra, the Elomi Charley Bandless Spacer Moulded Bra which as of 8/6/21 maintains a 5-star rating from Brava customers!

The Elomi Abi Bandless Bra is a favourite of the Brava fitting team. Its bandless style is fantastic for women who are short-waisted and have a softer shape.  As there is no fabric band underneath the underwire, the bra band doesn't roll and cut in.

Sizes Available

  • Size 12, G-JJ cup
  • Sizes 14 - 20, E-JJ cup
  • Size 22, E-G cup

Colours Available

Best Features

For women that find bra bands uncomfortable, the Elomi Abi's bandless style is a real plus. Less fabric here means less rolling of the fabric, and generally less moving around from the bra.  This really is perfect for women who have a softer tummy and a short waist. The simplex fabric creates a smooth finish and has flat lock seams, which creates a relatively smooth and rounded shape under clothes.  It also has a great print, to keep this everyday bra a little bit interesting.

What customers like

  • Feminine floral pattern, with bows and embroidered lace trim details - the little bit of stretch in the lace at the top of the cup, makes it easy to fit.
  • The comfort!  The adjustable straps are soft and wide, which in addition to the bandless style and the broader cut of the back, feels good on the body and holds the bust in comfortably all day.
  • Slightly lower cut than other Elomi styles, such as Caitlyn.
  • The Abi has a leotard back so the straps come in more centrally across the back, but they also sit centrally at the front too, giving an even lift (works well for ladies with sloping shoulders).
  • The Fawn is a perfect nude coloured option; suitable for white shirts, without compromising on prettiness. In fact, many customers we fit this one into comment that it's the prettiest bra they've ever worn.
  • It also has the great Elomi feature of a wider back band, giving a smoothing effect.
  • The material on the inside of the cups is extremely smooth against the skin.
  • Fairly true to size.

What customers dislike

  • Some customers find this style too fussy to wear under some shirts, with the lace trim showing slightly.
  • Some women prefer more forward projection from their bra, and a less rounded shape.
  • For J-JJ cup sizes, occasionally the separation is too good - on occasions there's not enough side support, giving a wider shape than desired.
  • Smaller cup sizes are not made in the 12 back band size - only G+ currently made, leaving out some of customers.
  • Bandless styles really do have to be fitted well - if the back band is not firm enough, there is a risk that your breasts could slip out from underneath the wire, and it's a lot more obvious in bandless bras than other styles. If you have this issue, definitely try the back size down!
Percentage of women this bra will work on 75%


While many bras are cut quite long in the waist, the Elomi Abi is one of the few options out there for the short-waisted among us.  Its bandless style and great cut means more comfort and a better fit for many.  An excellent everyday bra, being both supportive and comfortable, the Abi has the added bonus of being quite pretty without clothes too!

The Abi is an excellent offering from Elomi, and definitely one to try if you have had success with the Elomi brand in the past.  For younger women, we often find that the Abi is a more appealing Elomi option, as the coverage and print is not as intimidating or mature as other styles within this brand. This is a style that wins over many of our customers; we find that ladies who wear the Abi tend to stick with it as a favourite. A great everyday bra!

Sometimes we find that customers who have just been fitted into the correct size for the first time can feel more comfortable in bandless styles like the Abi particularly if there's a big size difference in what they were previously wearing, as there is less bulk to the bra overall, and is not as full coverage as other styles so they don't feel constricted. The matching shorts are higher waist and full coverage, plus they're probably our most popular Elomi brief - lots of people get multiples of them, even if they're not buying the bra!

 Total score

Brava will only perform a bra review when we have tried the bra on at least 10 of our customers. It has been appraised by 4 of our bra fitters who have also taken into account our customers' feedback.
Have you tried the Elomi Abi bra? Tell us what you think! By Lin Windram.