Bra Review - Elomi Morgan Banded Bra (4110)

Elomi is renowned for its beautifully-fitting bras, and whenever they bring out a seasonal colour, it is always a great mix of fashion and comfort. The Elomi Morgan Banded Bra creates a beautiful balcony-style look, with the current season fashion colour being a gorgeous purple petal design named Purple Lily.

Sizes Available

AUS 10 (UK 32) GG – K cup
AUS 12 (UK 34) G – K cup
AUS 14 – 18 (UK 36 – 40) DD – K cup
AUS 20 (UK 42) DD – HH cup
AUS 22 (UK 44) DD – G cup

Colours Available

  • Ongoing colours are black and nude.
  • Seasonal colours are available.

Best Features

This bra is great for those fuller in the bust. The sturdy material gives a great lift with a three-section cup and side panel for a forward-facing look. The material is soft-to-the-touch, and everyone loves the coloured straps available by season.

What women love:

  • Side panels offer beautifully slung side support, so you're not as rounded on the sides.
  • Three-section cups give a comfortable lift, creating a slimmer silhouette.
  • Adjustable straps are perfect if you are shorter in the body.
  •  The wire is great if you are full on the sides.

What some women may dislike:

  • The forward-facing look doesn't appeal to women who prefer a more rounded shape.
  • If less full at the top of your bust, the top lace on the cup may gather slightly.
  • The wires can be too wide for some customers and may sit too far back.
Percentage of women this bra will work on 80%

Overall score 8/10

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