Bra Review - Elomi Sachi Plunge Bra (EL4350)

Strappy details are trending, and Elomi has incorporated this sexy look to perfection with the Sachi Plunge Bra. Combining the ever-supportive Elomi lift and encapsulating cups, this flirty seasonal look comes in a basic black or the current season's butterfly pattern with beautiful sheer to solid tulle panelling. Elomi is known for giving D cup and up women fun and colourful styles, and they have delivered beautifully in this stylish set.

Sizes Available

AUS 12 - 14 (UK 34 - 36), GG - JJ cup
AUS 16 (UK 38), G - JJ cup
AUS 18 (UK 40), FF - HH cup
AUS 20 (UK 42), G - HH cup

Colours Available

  • Black is the ongoing colour.
  • Seasonable fashion colours are also available.

Best Features

The low plunge on Sachi sits perfectly in the centre and allows a more revealing look without excessive cleavage. The side panels on this plunge bra provide side support for projection bringing the sides of your bust in. The strappy detail on the cups means the bra goes well under all types of clothing. The straps peeking over are a striking feature and should not be hidden.

What customers love:

  • Strappy detail looks amazing when peeping through tops and dresses.
  • Sachi gives a beautiful, rounded shape and silhouette.
  • The bra creates a show-stopping look with incredible support & comfort.
  • The wires sit further back on the cups, great if you are full on both sides.

What some customers may dislike:

  • The strapping detail may not be subtle enough and can sit too high on the bust.

Percentage of women this bra will work on 85%

Overall score 7/10

"I love the way this bra looks with low cut tops - it gives a little visual interest and doesn't show too much cleavage. It is also very comfortable. I had been worried that the strappy detail would be annoying but I don't even notice it, they are neither loose nor tight so they don't dig in or require adjustment throughout the day. The mesh fabric is also very smooth and doesn't itch or irritate." - Clare, 14HH

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