Bra Review - Enell Sports Bra (EN100)

The Enell Sports Bra featured on Oprah few years ago as her favourite sports bra for a good reason¦ its patented design is perfect for well-endowed women, and gives women of all shapes and sizes the support they need whilst exercising.

Sizes Available

Enell has a unique sizing system, and this style is available in Sizes 00-7. This equates to being suitable for Australian sizes 8 to 26, and C to E cup sizes - to view a conversion size chart please click here. However, we have found it can work well on women up to a G cup but they may need to go up one size from their recommended band size in order to accommodate their bust.

What customers like

  • It's quite a full bra and offers a lot of coverage
  • The straps are wide and comfortable
  • Due to its compression design, it almost completely eliminates bounce (even in larger cup sizes)
  • It fastens at the front, so is easy to open and close

What customers dislike

  • The straps on the Enell Sports Bra aren't adjustable, so it's one of those bras that will either fit you or it won't. If you are small through the shoulders it may not work as well. Some women don't like the ultra-firm feeling that the Enell provides (however others love it).
Percentage of women this bra will work on 50%



Many women rejoice when they discover the Enell Sports Bra, especially if they have held back from participating in sports due to not finding a good sports bra for their larger breast size. The design of the Enell Sports Bra is quite different to many sports bras; it is a crop style sports bra so it has lots of coverage. It works by compressing your bust against your chest wall to minimise bounce; it does up with hook & eye at the front. We find that the Enell Sports Bra works extremely well for 50% of our customers. For those it doesn't work well for, it's usually because they are petite between the shoulders and under the bust. You cannot adjust the Enell sports bra - the firmer the fit, the better it works; so if you can't tighten it enough, you will be one of the 50% it will not work for.

Total score


Brava will only perform a bra review when we have tried the bra on at least 10 of our customers. It has been appraised by 4 of our bra fitters who have also taken into account our customers' feedback.

Have you tried the Enell Sports Bra? Let us know what you think!