Bra Review - Ewa Michalak Bibi BM Bra (BBBBM)

˜'I want something that lifts me up and pulls me in from the sides.""

Every bigger-busted woman's dream is to get a lift and not have their breast tissue irritating their underarms. Many bras have side-slings which bring them facing forward but none have the extreme projection offered by an Ewa Michalak bra.

The Ewa Michalak Bibi BM Bra is a non-moulded, fuller balconette style that still allows you to wear lower necklines, it lends itself well to scoop or square necklines. The delicate material is made sturdier by the fine-tuning of the wires and elastic lace allows the cups to adjust to the breast shape.

Sizes Available

AUS 6 - 12 (UK 28 - 34) F - K cups
AUS 14 (UK 36) F - JJ cups
AUS 16 (UK 38) F - J cups
AUS 18 (UK 40) F cup

Colours Available

Black and white.

Best Features

With smooth fabric, it sits perfectly under any garment that is equally silky and soft to the touch. It's close to being seam-free and has a lovely decorative white pearl in the centre gore, which can look pretty if wearing a plunge style. Gives a forward-facing round look and is minimising from side-on.

What women love:

  • Provides impressive lift and projection and creates a lovely silhouette that works under most dresses and tops.
  • Narrow wires mean that they do not sit far into the back, allowing comfort and less digging in the rib cage.
  • Out of all the Ewa Michalak bras, Bibi is one of the softest against the skin.
  • Works well as a feminine every day bra.

What some women may dislike:

  • If full on the sides the narrow wires may dig into the breast tissue, the wiring can feel a little harsh.
  • Even though it is minimising side-on, it gives lots of lift, some customers feel their bust is right under their nose. There's nothing inconspicuous about an Ewa bra.
  • If you're not used to the delicate material at the top of the bra you may feel a slight jiggle.
Percentage of women this bra will work on 85%

Total score

Have you tried the Bibi BM Bra or do you have another Ewa Michalak style that you love? Tell us in the comments below.